Meeting Daniel!

My name is Amari' I'm 15 and my kids Dayanara' and Daniel Jr. my kids there identical twins and I love them a lot. Well let me start by saying I met Daniel on facebook I know it sounds dumb but we understood each other and ever since that day we where inseparable I gave Daniel my virginity when I was 14 . When my mom found out I was pregnant she sent me to live with my nanna in corsicana, I left from my Nanna house and me and Daniel got a apartment together we've been living together for a year and a half now . Dayanara ' and Daniel Jr. Will be 11 months on my birthday. Being a teen gets hard but actually I wouldn't trade this life in for anything I might have lostsome family but I gained a new one. I love my life
Leedawn147 Leedawn147
Sep 12, 2012