I Can't Even Get A Title For This..


My story may seem interesting to some and boring to others but I hope everyone will read it and enjoy. I started dating my boyfriend, now husband, back in January 2010. He had a daughter of his own, McKenzie and she was 2 at the time. He was enlisted in the army to leave for basic training that October. I got pregnant that July. In August with just a simple conversation we put to pieces together finding out that his daughter was my cousin through the mothers side. She was my 3rd cousin so it was no blood relation. It was weird for me to think that my daughter's sister is also her cousin. My boyfriend left for the service in October as I continued my way through my senior year. I was 17 years old. It was hard juggling a job, school, and most heart wrenching being away from the guy that was there for me everyday since I met him. Not being able to get in touch with him was so stressful and painful. I was not on any good terms with my family so I was just in a really bad place at the time. We got married in December and I graduated that April. My daughter, Madisyn Rose was induced April 21,2012 so that her father could be home for it. I was away from my husband longer than I've been together with him. 3 days after she was born we were on a plane heading to Texas where my husband was stationed. Through that time my family was abused and harassed by the military. Our pay was short $1,000 every month and paying child support was deff not the easiest at the time. We were evicted from our apartment due to issues the army had caused us. My husband was due to be deployed in December but from the abuse we had suffered we got a hold of the senator and congress and they had got us out of the military honorably and with veteran status. The military scarred me for good. My husband and I are on very bad terms for being away from each other and going through the depression and hard financial situations. We are now back in the New England area in search of jobs and a home but boy has it not been a good road. The only thing that has kept me sane is my daughter. God Bless for this little girl!
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Sep 14, 2012