Hi, I'm new here and I'm not 100% positive I belong in this group, but since I had my daughter when I was 19, I kinda figured I wasn't too far off. Now that I'm 22 almost 23 years old, I almost feel like it is harder for me to meet friends, and have people understand me now than it was when I got pregnant. I don't have much help as far as baby sitting or anything else (not that I'm complaining about that, I love spending time with my daughter, and take full responsiblity for my choice to have her) I just feel very lonely sometimes because I very rarely get out of the house to make friends, date, anything. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else is going through these struggles as well? I haven't had a serious romantic relationship in almost three years (since I left my daughter's father... which was quite the drama fest), and I only have two close friends anymore (who I'm so thankful for) so basically I'm just here to make some friends, and kinda reassure myself I'm not the only one going through these things?
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Same Here. I Probably Get To See My Last Remaining Best Friend Maybe Once Every Six Months. The Rest Of My Time Goes Directly To My Son. Its Frustrating To Have To Be Home All The Time With Noone To Have A Conversation with, Other Than Someone With A 4 Word Vocabulary!

I definitely know how you feel! I get a lot of time away from my daughter (unfortunately!) but I still have a hard time making friends now that I'm a mom. It's hard to have a social life with a young child I think, for anyone! Especially when you're doing it alone! My best friend is the only person besides my family I see when I'm at home (with my daughter)