Hey(: my name's Kyra and I have a 2 year old named Bentley! Last October I transferred to a new school in a different city. It's a really small country school. Of course I didn't know anyone so nobody knew that I am a mom. Only one girl know because I told her. I'm becoming closer friends with all my class, but I still haven't told them. I know they would judge me and wouldn't understand. We talk about teen pregnancy a lot and I always feel really uncomfortable. So I need some advice. Should I tell people? And if so, how do I tell them? It sucks being the only person there with a kid, and no one for support. Help!!
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Most of my friends don't know as well... if you figure out a way to tell them... deffinatly let me know.

Your child is apart of you (package deal) as my mother says, either they are your true friends or they weren't your friends from the beginning.


I am out of school and had my baby after high school so I dont know what you are going through, but if I were in your shoes I would tell people and if they are your true friends they will not judge you!

i completely agree with brandy!! we recently had a heart to heart about something with me that i never tell anyone because people walk out on me! but she didnt judge me one bit! if they are your true friend they wont walk out on you they will treat you just the same!

exactly! :)

Well I just transferred high schools too but I really can't relate to you. my daughter is 2 and a half months but I have pictures of her on my binder. At first people were really surprised that me, of all people, had a baby since I look really young but they really don't know what to say. Well the people that know are supportive but a lot of people still don't know.
I think you should just come out and tell everyone you have nothing to be ashamed of, if people judge just shake it off. Being a teen mom just makes you strong and normal teens can't understand at the time.No body is perfect. You and Bently don't need any negativity in your lives. Just make the best of it. Just my personal opinion :)