I Am A Teen Mom But.....

I'm a Teen mom but just like to referr to myself as a parent. Older parents who had thier kids later in their lives say Teen Moms like it is a brand, but really we all go through the same things as parents. We may not be grown but as for them it is a learning process for all of us. I had my son at 17 and he is now 5 months he is my everything. Me and my fiance and babydaddy are still together and are not rushing into anything. We have been in a relationship for 2 years and we are still going. We support our son by ourselves we dont have to rely on anyone. Honestly getting pregnant young was not planned but other than dissappointing my family I wouldnt change anything if I had the chance. Now I have all the support from my parents and sisters and everyone else me and my boyfriend are happy and our son is perfect and means the world to us.
If you wanna know my story its on my page!
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I love this! I agree with everything you said. Congratulation on your baby boy. I also have a little boy!

Aww congrats on your son! How old is he?