Update On Gavin And A Little Venting.

Gavin is doing awesome. He is taking all his feeds through mouth and is on all formula now. He still spits up but all babies spit up sometimes. He should be home the end of next week! So excited.
We figured out the stuff with his pediatrician and he is all set up to go to his first appointment.
All we have to do is pick up a few last minute things like new born diapers, bottles and formula and we are ready for baby to come home.
It's so exciting to know that my mom duties are finally going to be put into action. I don't care how hard people say it is having a baby at home, after three months of him being in the hospital I am so excited to just have him home where he belongs.

We have started to plan his baptism and everything. Its so exciting to actually know he will be here soon!

Also. I got an email on here from a random guy. I am not into giving out my information to ANYBODY when I don't know them. He asked me if that was me in my profile picture. I answered yes me and MY BOYFRIEND. He continues to say I would like to see more pictures of you can you send some to my email. NOOOO sir. I will not send you pictures of myself.

One... that is weird.

two... I do not know you at all. You could be a creepy guy who will talk me and for all I know you are a *********.

three... I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate that.

and four... I have more respect for myself and my life than to send my photos to a random guy whom I do not know and who could be any random creepy Joe. That disgusting.
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Whoever that guy is I hope he has left you alone now. I know it is kind of late, sorry, I haven't been online in a while. I hope that Gavin is home now and that everything is going well.