Maternity Clothing???? Please Help?

So I am almost 5 months pregnant and before i got pregnant i was very small under 5 foot 1 and wore size 1 jeanns my pre pregnancy jeans would still work except my hips and butt have gained weight also besides my growing belly. I am really really tight on money and dont live in a place where there are thrift stores and consignment stores or any even maternity stores. I do not really want to spend money on maternity jeans that i will only wear for a few months. I was thinking of trying to just buy a size or two bigger in pants and get a belly band or something? has anybody had this problem? what did you do?
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

I am 5"3 and my pre pregnancy pants were a size 0 after i got pregnant and started gaining the weight i bought a size 5 and i wore then practically through my whole pregnancy. After i had my son i still fit the five but eventually dropped to a 3. Im still a 3 now and he is one. So mayne just buy a bigger size of cloths because then maybe you can always wear them again and size 1 jeans are pretty small so it would be a waste to by maternity clothes.