18 With A 3 Month Old!

i got pregnant at 17, with only dating my boyfriend for a month, who was 21 at the time.. he lived in wisconsin i lived in illinois. when i told my parents, they were disappointed in me big time! but eventually they slowly began supporting me.. being pregnant was an expierence i will never forget. my moods were horrible but my boyfriend stood by my side everyday. he later moved in with me and i got induced cause high blood pressure throughout my whole pregnancy on july 3rd, 2012. me and my boyfriend really wanted a july 4th baby, but didn't dialate til midnight on the morning of july 5th. 3:48am, 7 pounds 12 oz, my beautiful baby boy jacob allen come into this life. i dont regret anything and i love him more and more everyday. hard thing is loosing your friends, and getting starred at by other teen girls. i dont care what people say, but loosing my friends hit me really hard. but it shows how they werent my real friends.. im bascially looking for other teen moms around the wiconsin boarder illinois boarder. im getting going crazy staying home all day everyday. it would be nice hanging with other moms with our little ones! (:
ilovejacoballen715 ilovejacoballen715
18-21, F
Sep 21, 2012