What Will You Say To Your Children When It Comes Time To Talk About Sex?

Hi everyone, I hope you're all ok. I was thinking about this today, what I'll say to Annette when it comes time to talk about sex. I think I'm going to be more proactive with birth control rather than saying abstinence is the only option, but that is just me. I was curious if any of you had thought about it and what your thoughts on it were :)
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I hope I'm not butting in! I only want to help. I'm an NP and you're absolutely right to tell your children ABSTINENCE IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION. Look at how teen pregnancy rates increased when all schools were teaching was abstinence (this is NOT a judgement - it's a statistical fact). Seriously - you'd be amazed at the number of myths floating around high schools (and then again, maybe you wouldn't - I'm forgetting you all have been in high school a hell of a lot more recently than I have at a few months shy of 40). Maybe some of ya'll even thought 'I can't get pregnant the first time' and the whole host of half- and untruths associated with that line of thought. (Kids still think that - I hear it all the time!) Don't rely on the schools to do you what's YOUR job - teaching your kids about responsible sex. By the time they reach junior high and high school you really have no control over what they do and don't do. But arm them with FACTS so they can do what you expect of them - which is to make logical, sound decisions - or at least as sound as they can be when you're high-school young. Get your kids vaccinated against HPV - boys and girls. HPV causes cancer and you probably can't identify who has or doesn't have/carry the virus. Get them vaccinated YOUNG - you can get HPV from oral sex, and from what I hear that goes on at younger and younger ages. It's not that you shouldn't trust your kids, but things happen. Arm them with the correct tools and you've won half the battle. Encourage communication - don't be their buddy, but foster a relationship where they will be more likely to come to YOU with questions and not their friends at school. :)

This is a big topic for me because I see what happens when things aren't handled properly. I used to be an NP at a high school (now there's a nurses' office every middle and high school should have) where I was quite often the only source of information for these kids and it scared the crap out of me. Because I was honest with them where so many people had kept the truth in the dark.

I hear some great stuff in these teen/young mom threads; you all are really trying hard to do the right thing and I commend you for it. Keep up the good work!

I will tell my son if he does not have a condom don't have sex. I will obviously tell him how babies are made and that he cam get stds. All teenagers (well most) think about having sex or are having sex... so when it comes time and my son is at that age I will go buy him condoms. Because some people are embarrassed to go buy them. Even if in the future I have a daughter I will but her some too. Not saying that I want him to use them but I will tell him if he is in that situation then he has that condom with him and he should use it because no teenager is ready for babies even is they say they are!