21 And Pregnant

I know im not a teen anymore but still im gonna be a youngish mummy. i found out last week that im pregnant with my first baby! My husband and i didnt know how to feel when we saw the positive sign on the pregnancy test. HEs been really supportive and we are already looking forward to having our little wonder here with us. I am 6 weeks gone into the thepregnancy and im scared of losing the chance to be a mummy ... we werent planning on having a baby so soon but now i know he/she is here im scared that I will get too attached to her/him whilst she/he still growing in my stomach and be heart broken if i cant get to see her/him and bring her/him up in this world. How can i think more positive, i will be so relieved when she/he is here. Also we still need to tell our parents, i told a close auntie and my husband told a work friend and we are going to tell his parents when we have had our first 8 week scan. Ah its so exciting but also kinda nerveracking ...how did you all manage?
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first of all congrats! its the most wonderful thing to watch a baby grow inside and out. everthing will be ok. just take it easy and take good care of yourself. I didn't start telling my family till I was 3 months. Do it whenever your ready, i'm not sure how they'll react but having a baby is such a blessing im sure they will be nothing but supportive for you and they can probably help ease your mind.

take care! (:

Waiting is so hard! I am thirteen weeks with my second, but after losing one I decided it's best not to say anything until after the first trimester. I am in the same boat. I've been married for two years, and our first is two. I know breaking the news won't be quite like it was when I was 16, but it is still so nerve-racking. I do suggest waiting until the second trimester, only because the risk of miscarriage drops significantly then. Congratulations, by the way. Being a mom is hard, but it is SO fun.

I'd hold off telling people until you're past 12 weeks, I know you're probably itching to tell people, but you don't want to jinx your pregnancy. I'm younger than you, i'm 16 and this is my second pregnancy. I lost my first baby back in February which was extremely hard, and still is. My baby would of been one month and thirteen days old now. I'm now almost 24 weeks pregnant again, with a little girl :-) I know exactly how you feel, because I felt the same with this pregnancy. I suggest you take Folic Acid and eat a healthy balance of foods, you're eating for two now! You may not be a teen, but you're still young! Just try to stay positive and do research online and read books etc! If you want to tell anyone, just tell immediate family (parents, siblings). I hope everything goes well for you and i'm sure you'll be an amazing mommy! If you ever need to talk, send me a message! Congratulations! :-)