Abusive Relationship Getting Pregnant At 15!!!

I was 14 when i started dating this guy, he was 16 at the time. I thought he was the most amazing guy i have ever met, i thought i met my soul mate. 3 months into our relationship he started getting controling. Telling me i couldnt go anywhere or talk to anyone. couldnt eat lunch with my friends at school. It got very bad. He pressured me into having sex i was only 14 i didnt want to. But he pressured me. i felt that if i didnt he would hurt me. so i ended up doing it. At the age of 15 i was still with him i tried leaving him but there was no way i could. he always found a way to make me stay i was 15 i didnt know any better. i didnt know he was manipulating me. I ended up pregnant at 15. the entire 9 months was terrible. i cried everyday because he would say terrible things to me. He left me when i was 6 months pregnant for another girl. then he came back being young and lonley i took him back. When i went into labor i was at the hospital for over 60 hours in labor for 36 hours. he was there a whole 8 hours of it all. he made me cry the entire time i was in the hospital he didnt comfort me or anything. 15 minutes after the baby was born he left to go home. im 18 now and my daughter is two. he has seen her about a handfull of times. he doesnt help with her. he use to call and check up on her every once in a while. but then the day before her 2nd birthday he called and told me he didnt want anything to do with her ever again. Havent herd from him since. In one way its good because hes a terrible person. he does drugs drinks. all of that. But on the other hand im having a seriously HARD time with money. between going to school and being a mom its hard to find a job. I dont know what to do. i dont have anyone to talk to. i dont really talk to anyone about my problems because i dont want no one feeling sorry for me.but on the other hand i think its time i find other people to talk to that are young and have babies. because sometimes i feel like im the only one dealing with this. I know im not because ive seen other peoples stories. I have been through a lot in the past 5 years. its just way to much to write on here. All i have to say is being a young mom is not easy at all! but having a baby makes u discover a whole new type of love <3
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

you are a good person .. u will find someone to love u and make u the centre of this universe ..

do not give up .. ur baby is lucky to have a mom like u ..

wud love to know more about u .. as a friend too ..