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Everyone seems to seem more fake, with each story they write in this group lol.

On facebook, I am part of a group, its on private so you can't find it if you search it. Its about the real moms of EP.

Around 2 months ago, almost ALL the real teen mothers left EP. Due to finding a disgusting amount of stupid little girls pretending to be teen parents.
So many REAL parents got hurt throughout this, not just teen parents. The parents of the child who was being faked. I would be heartbroken if it was my child, wouldnt you?
A lot of REAL mothers had to do proof photographs because of fakes. Some of the most realest parents left this group thats meant to be for support because of fakes, so you fakes basically just ruined something the girls to talk about everything.

So, if you don't want to keep being called fake. Then, i suggest you join us on facebook.
Add me as a friend on facebook (message me for it,if you want comment, ill send you it)
and then join the real mothers of ep, in a loving, supporting, no judging page.

Don't make no fake facebook either. If we suspect you are a fake facebook then we will just simply delete, report, block.


Grace, with Henry.
I'm sure we caught you out for being a fake once before. You also had a daughter called Emily. Ya I remember you.
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I'm new to Ep and really wanted to meet other young mothers. Unfortunately two I have met turned out to be fake. Now I don't know who to trust on here at all. Thank you for writing this so I can be a little more aware of what happens on this site :) such a shame though.

I've noticed that there are a lot of stories that sound fake. I am a real teen mother of a now 2 yr old. I don't have Facebook though it was causing probs between my bf and I so I just deleted it. Facebook is the exact same though. There are so many fake *** people out there and it is scary and sad! If someone took a pic of my kid and claimed it was theirs I would be so hurt. You saying that makes me want to actually delete my pictures. Or at least blur it. I love my son with all my heart but I don't understand why teen girls act like they have kids, do they feel cool or something? They need to wake up if that's what they really think! It takes a lot of work. You get looked down on not up. Well besides from your kid. Teen mom's get attention alright but not really in a good way.

I just joined this group today. I only have one story so far. Is there really a lot of fake teen moms on here? Is it better to just not even bother with this website?

Do you have a facebook? You could join the facebook page the orgiginal mommas of this website set up?

I literally just deleted my Facebook like 3 weeks ago cause of drama -_- if I made a new one just for the group would that be okay?

As long as you could solid prove you are a real mom, i guess so!
The admin of the group would want to speak to you too!

Sounds legit. We're having Easter right now so ill do it later!

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Wow. Ok, so there was a girl at my school who I friended on facebook that pretended to be me, and pretended I had a daughter as well on here. She told me about it after she got kicked off EP. I deleted my facebook and decided to join EP because I had heard about it and thought it would be better than facebook. That girl was a liar and faking me as well as two other girls at my school who weren't mothers, but I'm real. She took the pictures I had on facebook and my statuses and pretended to be me. I can't believe this. I didn't want to write a story on here at first about it because I didn't know anyone and didn't think it would be a big deal. My name is Grace, of course she used the same name. I don't have a daughter, but I do have a son. He is 100% real. I honestly can't believe that the fake has ruined this for me. And that you would automatically judge me like that.

If you did the right thing and wrote a story on how you can to find ep then maybe it would of been easier to believe that you were real. You've explained it now haven't you. You have to prove alot on this website to be real. Its been over taken by fakes. So yeah. Reactivate your facebook, join us. Emery ~ teenmommyof4 has proven herself.

i want to be in the facebook group. I would like you to add me but, but I dont wanna put my info right here, only message.

How do you know Grace is fake...? Could the past girl just of been another teenage girl named Grace?

Same pictures, same dob with the son, same name.
She's deffo a fake girl