My Life Changing Moment

I just had my baby girl on November 25, 2012. I was 17 when I had her and 16 when I got pregnant. I went a whole 7 months without even knowing I was pregnant. The moment I felt her move, I became a complete mess. I was in denial and couldn't tell anyone. I feared taking a pregnancy test just because I didn't want my parents to be disappointed. Eventually, I took one. When I saw the positive results, so many emotions rushed over me. I texted my mom and told her, she took it way better than I ever expected. I texted the dad (whom I wasn't with at the time) and told him, he was shocked at first and came around. He has been so supportive. My dad was mad at first but has come to enjoy my little girl. I look at this as an opportunity that God wanted me to have. He has a plan for everyone and would never give anyone something they couldn't handle. Everything was so much better once I told my parents. I've had so much support and love. A child is a true blessing no matter what age you are.
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Your lucky no permanent doctor care while pregnant can cause major health issues. Who pays for everything like rent medical bills and daily needs your mother ?