14 With A Three Month Old Baby Boy

Im not going to lie and say ive got an amazing life and im so in love with my baby's dad because im not!
basically one night last year i had a one night stand with a guy that i knew but wasnt really friends with. It was so stupid and it makes me sound like a **** but thats what happened.
When i found out i was pregnant i was distraught i didn't know what to do or who to tell. i only told a few of my friends and my mum and dad they were all very shocked but they were actually rather supportive. I didnt tell anyone who the dad was, i did feel quite ashamed of myself because he was known for being 'cool' because he drank a lot and smoked weed. eventually i told him and he was soo excited which i really didnt expect. The pregnancy and birth went very well.
Matthew - 7.9.12<3
When matthew was born his dad and i thought we would give it a go as a couple but we just wernt meant to be so we only lasted a month. I do struggle, i get called names '****' '*****' you know the usual crap, i have to ask my family for money a lot which i hate doing it makes me feel like a failure
And i have my fair share of baby daddy issues.
but despite all of that i wouldnt change my gorgeous baby boy for the world! just seeing his little face makes me smile and forget about all the bad things:)
youngscottishmummy youngscottishmummy
13-15, F
Dec 8, 2012