Giving Someone Else Your Blessing.

Hey ladies, i'm Jaycee. I am 18 and currently raising my 18 week old son.
I was 14 when parenthood started for me.

I was dating Kevin, the hottie in our year at school. Everyone loved him, fancied him. I was lucky to have him. I was sexually active since i was 13, young i know, but i got pressured into having sex by my ex Matt.

Already being sexually active it wasn't long before I started to be active with Kevin. Around a month and half after being with Kevin i fell pregnant. Finding out i was pregnant has to be one of the scariest things ive ever done. My heart sunk, i felt all sick. I didn't want to be a mom at the age of 14. I knew a girl, Lexi. She was a mom at 15 and she was good, i thought i could be a good mom at the age of 14. I told my parents, they went mad. More then mad, the told me it was adoption or i live on the streets. I knew from then on, me being a mom was not a good idea. I didn't have a support system and Kevin didn't even seem interested in me when i became pregnant.

I was 24 weeks when i finally decided, it was adoption for my baby. My parents, Kevins parents, myself and Kevin all sat down, and talked for hours, on how adoption is the best thing for this baby, as Kevin isn't a daddy type and we are both just too young. We all agreed on every point made in our discussion.

I turned 15, nothing how i expected my 15th to be celebrated, i sat in with Kevin and a movie and cuddle on the sofa. On the July 13th, 2009 i gave birth to a baby girl.
The adoption was the hardest thing ever. Seeing her in her adoptive parents arms was rather heartbreaking, but my blessing became their life. The adoptive parents named her Arianna Rose. She is now 3 years old, and i have only saw her once since her birth.

After the adoption, myself and Kevin stopped talking. We just couldnt be together without arguing over if we made the right choice or not. So we stopped talking, and Kevin moved away with his parents.

A year after the birth of Arianna, i met Bentley, i call him Ben though.
Me and Ben because inseparable always together, day and night.
I was with Ben for a year when I fell pregnant with my second baby. I was 17, and knew this time i was going to give it ago, my parents were very disappointed id gotten pregnant a second time but knew with Ben, we could make good parents.

on August 1st, 2012 me and Ben became parents to beautiful baby boy, Lucas Aaden and he was 20 inches and weighed 7lb 2oz.

He's now 18 weeks old and has filled the hole in my heart. I love being a mommy.
I love Lucas, and I love Arianna. I hope one day Lucas will meet Arianna!

Thanks for reading, Jaycee.
Jayceex Jayceex
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2012