Just A Reminder New Teen Mommies!!! =d

hello everyone! my name is danielle and this is just a reminder that you can add me or anyof the other facebook mommies on facebook and we will add you to our closed private group for teen mommies of this site. it basically is giving everyone the assurance that we know that you are the real deal and noone has to be worried!

we had alot of fakes on here some of who actually stole real peoples pictures and identites and used them on this site. i just dont want this to happen again which is why the group was created! so feel free to add me or emily and we will add you to the group!

oh and rememeber if you are faking you will be caught!

mommytoabby mommytoabby
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I don't hav a Facebook! Can I make one? My name is Jaycee n I have a son

yes feel free and add one of us

Thank you. I will provide belly pictures and scans for proof and a sign if u wanted me too.