14 And Pregnant

I have recently discovered that i was pregnant. Instead of being a wise young girl I chose to do the stupid thing and have unprotected sex. His mom took us to go get a pregnancy test because i started to get symptoms such as (headaches,fatigue,nausea, and missed period) i didn't pay much attention to the missed period because sometimes i wouldn't get my period for a whole month so i thought hat was what was happening. But anyways i wined up taking the test and it came out positive. As soon as i came out the bathroom him and his mom both stood there and i told them it came out positive. Me and him both cried and talked about how we will have to make changes at first he was more of the in denial like he couldn't believe that this would happened . We talked to His mom and she cried . But his mom was more understanding because she had him at 16 and she knew how it felt and she told me that if ichose to have this baby at my age it would be hard . My boyfriend agreed he would get 2 jobs to support this baby and he would change to online school and watch the baby during the day so i could finish high school because i really want to go to collage. Before this he told me he didn't want to go to collage so he said he would give me the chance to finish my dream and i could help him with taking care of our baby. We both chose to give up a lot for our unborn child. Everyone on his side of the family is giving me full support. But the time came were i had to tell my mom and she wasn't as helpful and supportive to my choice she saw it as i am too young and not ready and i should get and abortion. Once my boyfriend heard her say that he broke down and i never saw him cry the way i did. Even though he was a little in denial at first he eventually came around that he would have to grow up and he was going to be a father. He cried that whole night and so did i... my mom told us that she didn't feel like taking care of me those 9 months because she didn't want to take me to doctors appointments and buying me bigger clothes and taking care of my baby. I told her the baby wouldn't be staying at this house i even considered moving in with my boyfriend. But she is trying to get me to have an abortion. I don't ask for her to take care of my baby let me stay at the house i'm not asking for much but for her to be a grandmother to my child . i am not that far in my pregnancy but i will find out soon. Am i the only one who believes and taking care of your responsibilities is you have everything to support a child ?
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I'm 14 and pregnant 15 weeks right now

I know, not in my experience so much because my mom is a complete disaster but I've known a lot of teen mothers whose parents came around once once the baby was born. I mean you can't help but love your grandchild :/ Even my mom who is a ******* mess loves my niece so I mean I think they'll accept your baby if you decide to have them

And having them has to be your decision. If someone pressures you one way or the other you're gonna regret it :/

my oldest daughter, Arianna. Got adopted, as my parents didn't accept me, nor her.
I have now moved out and gotten on with me life and have a 18 week old son.
Good Luck, and congratulations.

I was also, 14 with Arianna!

Thank you :))

I pray that all will work out for y'all. Although you made choices that lead you down this path, take heart that you are taking responsibility for what you did and you aren't running from them. I admire you for finishing school and working towards a better future for you and your family. :-)) God bless you through it all!!

Thank you