Finding Out For Me , Was Totally Different Then I'd Expected....

" Come pick me up , we're going to the doctors " my mom said when I answered her call. Earlier that morning she told me the appointment was @ 2:30 and at the time she called it was only one. I knew something was up because last week I went to the dr and got some blood work done because I was feeling nauseous , dizzy , etc. So for a few days i've been waiting for the call for my results ... BUT instead of the dr calling me , they called my MOM! I was so nervous to know what was going on because before calling me , she called my boyfriend to tell him that her and I were going to his job because she needed to tell us something. So she told us both two different stories... something was up. So I picked her up from work and she tells me , go to joels job & I was like " why ? I thought we were going to the dr " She said , I have to talk to you two. So we got there and she tells us " The doctor called with your results and your 5 weeks pregnant. " My heart dropped , I thought she was going to tell me I had to get an abortion or something in that nature but she didnt. She explained that the dr is concerned because of the terrible pains in my stomach that i've been having , that hes concerned because I could be going through an ectopic pregnancy. Again my heart dropped. I was praying nothing was wrong with my baby. So i had an ultrasound @ 345 today and the dr had to get the results stat to see what was up. While getting the ultrasound , I was looking at the screen, Im really pregnant,& my baby is smaller then an apple seed lol He/She will go from being an apple seed to being a basketball lol I hope & pray everything goes well for me and my baby. Although, he/she wasnt planned, my fiance and I already know we are keeping the baby. We may not be 100% prepared but we'll work on it. We both have good jobs, we have a car, we're both responsible & I know we'll both make good parents ! All I ask from my EP friends is to keep me and my baby in your prayers. I will keep updating you guys on whats going on. I cant wait to be a mommy!
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Thank you ! Im so excited! I found out super early so i feel like time will draggg lol

Congrats and good luck hun!

Thank you ! <3

good luck

Thank you ! I just hope the babys okay , I want to be able to go full term and have a healthy baby, Im praying <333

CONGRATULATIONS! Nobody is truely 100% prepared but it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. It is gonna be tough and it's gonna take a whole lot of dedication to this child but, it is totally possible and sooo worth it! ( I know cuz I have 2 beautiful girls of my own whom are my whole world) Good luck to you and your soon to be family =)