About To Pop!!

So I'm two weeks from my due date (well two weeks and one day, I WISH my due date was Christmas that would be kinda cool)(although maybe I'll have my daughter on Christmas (doubt it...))

Anyway ummm I haven't been on in a long time. I just didn't like some of the drama and stuff. I still don't feel fully prepared but I read a few books and have spent a lot of time with my niece who is almost 1 to try and like prepare myself. Plus I have my sister and shes a mom so she has it down sort of right?

Trevor enlisted in the military....which is a whole other story....I'm still mad at him. Over 2 months and I still want to kill him sometimes for it. He leaves in the spring for training so it'll be really fun being a single mom (sarcasm...) I'm grouchy right now and I feel massive.

We're naming our daughter Adriana Sophia, as of now but we just changed the middle name again last week so if we're inspired to change it again we might. Im tired of name picking though we literally argued this out for months and months so I think were both pretty much finished with that. we dont have a nursery for her like I wanted so shell be in our room but once Trevor gets a duty station well be moving there so at least I know there a light at the end of the tunnel. We have everything we need, a lot of its handmedowns from my sister but nothin wrong with that I guess.

Im excited but nervous too. Im nervous about actually giving birth, and then I think about being 100% responsible for a little person and that really scares me...I wish it didnt. Iv had months and months to prepare but I wonder if anyone really feels ready!

Anyway I hope everyones good! Merry almost christmas!
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

I'm so jealous!! I've got 93 days until my due date :( I don't think anyone is prepared for a baby the first time around, no matter what age!! Looking after and spending time with other people's babies is one thing, but your own baby is a totally different thing. I'm trying to prepare as well as I can, but I won't be fully prepared until my baby is in my arms!