Just Found Out Im Pregnant & Lost

Im 17 and just found out i going to be having a baby, Im single and when i told me ex, he told me he wants nothing to do with me or his kid. Im 5months and just found out but i have a new boyfriend, he told me not to keep it because we just dont have the money. Im not sure what i want, so im scared if i want to keep the child he will leave me. My aunty has been trying to have a baby for years, and my mom told me to keep that in mind. I know if i gave the baby up to her, they would have the money to support him/her. But at the same time its doesnt feel right, im not sure i could see my self giving my baby up. Help, im not sure what to do!
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your welcome

no he is not worth it just remember dont let anyone try to make u give up ur baby unless u want to or u have no choose


if he is goin to leave u cuz u r wanting to keep the baby he is not worth it u will find some one that loves u and the baby im her is u need to talk

trrue, it's so hard to see that though, when i have so much other stuff to think about. But when it really comes down to it...he's not worth it

My oldest daughter Arianna got adopted. It was hard to give her up. But it was the best thing for her, her adoptive parents had been trying for a baby for 10 years, so I happened to give them that little miracle they had wanted for so long. Adoption is had, I got on with my life happily because in my mind I knew my daughter was happy, healthy and getting more than what she would of if she was with me. Now I have a son Lucas and I look at him and thing I know the happiness the family that has Arianna felt the moment she was born and given to them. A mothers love is like no other. No matter what you do. Your child will know you loved him/her deeply. It will be a bonus if your uncle and aunt adopted your baby as you would probably see her more than a stranger adoption. Good luck, think of your baby as well as yourself in your decision. -Jaycee.

I think giving her/him up would be the best thing, just like you did. I am still young and have to also look at whats better for the baby, also i would be giving my aunt a miracle. thanks for your input :)

You should do what feels right and what you think will be right for your baby. If you keep it, will your family help you emotionally and financially? If you give the baby to your aunt will you be able to accept the fact that someone else is bringing up your child?
Honestly babe, guys will come and go in your life so losing this guy won't be so bad. It will hurt for a while but you will survive. Remember, you are still young and have so much to look forward to, whether you keep this child or not. Ultimately this is your decision and your boyfriend should be supporting your decision no matter what you decide.
I am 26yrs old and 10 weeks pregnant, recently single and the father doesn't know whether or not he wants to be a part of our child's life. He keeps changing his mind and the stress it has put on me is emotionally draining and I don't think it is healthy for my baby.
But like I said, this is your decision, you will have to live with it not anyone else. I'm sure whatever you decide it will be the right decision for you. If you ever need to talk just hit me up :)

Thank you so much, i like knowing what other people think.

I think you should follow your heart, ignore what everyone else says, but if you do choose to give the baby up for adoption the aunt idea sounds like a great plan. Take care!

thanks! i just want to know first how it is being a morther,because im scared :/