Letting It All Go.

So i've had trouble with being called fake because of me not being about to show ultra-sounds.

Well, my mom has found out about all this weird stuff and has made me come forward.

I am not a mommy anymore, i was but for a short amount of time.

I'm Jacey, I'm 18 and when I was 14 I became a mommy to a little girl called Arianna, she was adopted out into a better and more supportive family, i was immature, i couldn't look after a baby and neither could her bio father.
We were both just too young.
So going on from that, when I saw her for the first time after the adoption at 13 months old, my heart broke. I wanted her back. I wanted to have another baby to make up for the loss of not having her, of course i was still young, and i knew if i did have a baby for that reason i would just be selfish, i got into a relationship with a guy called Bentley, things moved pretty fast with us, we both got eachothers names tattoo'd on us like stupid immature teens do, and yeah i regret that because now i have a boys name on my back who im no longer with.

I joined this website and said that i had 2 children, Ari who got adopted and little boy called Lucas Aaden. Well, Lucas's real name is Aaden Lucas, and he is my brother, not my son. I've always looked older than what i was so i used Ari's pregnancy pictures as Aadens (Lucas's).
It was all going great until they asked for an ultrasound with my name on, it clearly had my moms name on the top and i didn't have any from Ari, and the dates would of been different anyway!
So i deleted my facebook.

My mom realized i looked worried about something, she asked me what was wrong, i explained to her and she banned me off the internet and has only allowed me on to write this story for you all to have the truth. My mom is very strict and has made sure im monitored when im on the internet from now on. It bad how a 18 year old has to be watched while on the internet so i dont use my brother as my son.

So basically, yeah thats it and i hope you can all understand that, i am a teen mom, just a birth mom. Lucas, well Aaden is my brother and i never meant to cause a big drama in the first place, i just wanted to fit in.

~ Jacey Lily-Reeves.
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While I understand your motivation I would advise you to tell the truth from now on, I am not a teen parent but I learned from all the drama Last year that lying on this group does not get you very far. You did a very brave and selfless thigh giving your baby up for adoption and it is not something you should hide.

You did the right thing telling the truth, and it is clear that the moms who were affected by the scandal last year have really grown and matured so I hope that you can find a place in this group because I think it will really help you.

agreed we accept all mommas on our facebook group, birth mommas and everything! just dont lie to us

you know telling the truth the first time around makes you fit in more then lying.