I Was A Mom At 15

I had my first baby when I was 15 but found out I was pregnant when I was only 14. I would love to help teen moms and be here to lend a caring ear. I will let you know all the stories and whatever you want to know
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I'm seventeen and still in high school... I'm five months pregnant, the baby is due this June. I know how hard it's going to be once I've graduated and had the baby. I will be going to a 2-year college to start out with, and leaving the baby in daycare or with friends and family during the day. I will also have to work because my boyfriend and I will have our own place and bills to pay. We will probably be living paycheck to paycheck.

Other than the few nights I've been kicked out by the folks, I've pretty much never had to support myself. My boyfriend and I will be on our own for the first time, and we will have a child who needs us to take care of, which we know nothing about. Hell, I've only even fed an infant a couple times in my whole life. We're going to be standing there in that hospital with a kid in our arms and thinking, "What now? What do we do with this?"

We already love our child deeply. But while other teenagers have several more years in which to grow up and become adults, my boyfriend and I have a matter of months.

I guess what I'm asking is... how did you get through it?

It sounds all downhill from here I know bc I have been there....but I promise you all the hard work pays off and when you feel so tired you don't know what to do the baby smiling at you at just the right time reminds you why this is all happening. I know you are scared and that all this is feeling like too much but it does get easier. Please finish school and do what you need to to make this easier on you and your new little family. You will do just fine. Friend me if you like.