Im 19 With 2 Precious Babies!

Hey,my name is Taylor i am a teen mom. growin up with only my dad was hard my mom had died when i was 10 months old,i have a twin brother and 2 older sisters. Ive looked up to my father til i was 16 and thats when he had also passed away. ive had a very hard life im not goin to lie,its not easy! i honestly felt like i wasnt loved even though i was so i got pregnant at 17 by a guy who i have been chasing since i was 14,we "fell in love" like most teens do at that age we begin to fight alot because everyone looked down on us because we were still in high school and we didnt have jobs so we split up and i continued to stay strong and finish high school. after i had my lil boy i got pregnant soon after that with another guy i met and we had been through some really really tough times but who doesnt right? we made it through what everybody thought we wouldnt and we had a lil girl that was a true blessing to us! her dad and i are currently split up but we r on good terms for her and the same with my son. being a single mom of these 2 babies is hard but i DO NOT and WOULDNT EVER regret it! they r my life and they have made me stronger and it means the world to me that i have 2 kids that are lookin up to me,i have no other choice but to be a great mom for them! i love talkin to other teens about this and their situation im a really kind person when it comes to kids ive been through stuff who a teenager whouldnt ever wanna go through and from my experience ive learned alot!! so if any of u girls wanna talk about ur situation id love to share my story and my thoughts so feel free to write me. Thanks:)
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Jan 10, 2013