I Was 17 And Pregnant And I Chose My Child Over My Family

When I was 17 I found out I was pregnant, I was too scared to tell my mother for fear she would hate me. I told the father of the baby whom I had been seeing for two years previous for the pregnancy he just said oh k. I just expected a little more support from him but his dull personality defiantly shown through. I set up all these appointments on my own I really wished I had my mothers support but I was just too disappointed in myself. She at least paid enough attention to realize "I was getting fat." She instantly locked me in my room, (yes my mother had my bedroom door handle turned outside so she could lock me in my room.) and demanded me to tell her if I was pregnant. It scared me so much that I jumped out my window due to the fact that we lived in the middle of no where I ran so far into the wood I felt a little lost. I sat there hoping she had not came looking, I called my fri-enmy for a ride I could not go back to my house and get my car. That would be suicide! in my case I had far more things to figure out, like where I would be going next when would I talk to the father and how bad my life had just gotten. My friend/enemy came and saved me I had to beg her but she did which meant a lot. She took me to mutual friends house to where the father of my child was and we discussed the future. He decided to stay with me and we would get a apartment together and he suggested me talking to my mother. I called her and she acted supportive all the way to get me the whole time she was there. The ride home she told me I should tell my grandmother calling her not knowing what I had just got myself into. She and her had previously talked, they had decided to offer me money, a new car, paid in full college, a new home a new life if I were to get an abortion. I told her, I am sorry I look at commercials for adoption and I already feel like my mother gave up on me a long time ago. I see those babies and I just could not do that to mine, my heart is indebted to my baby. I can not and will not do that, in that instant my mother told me I could no longer live with her. My step-dad of 4 was thrilled to have me gone, he had never liked me. I had a smart mouth I stood up for what i believed in, and i know this is off subject but he did not like bob marley because he was black. And I found that ignorant and distasteful! So I moved in with the father of my child and I attended every doctor appointment alone. Father of the child did not want me nor our child, but where else was I suppose to go. We soon got a apartment together and after my pregnancy, I had a beautiful baby boy. I soon got evicted because it was only me working. I stepped up and got another apartment asap! and moved and in middle of the night while I was sleeping the father up and left me. I had been overwhelmed with my life I had lost my mother, I lost my father a long time ago. I lost the father of my baby and all he had was me, I did not know if I could do it. But I tried everyday for the next year I wanted to die but the love that that baby had for me kept me pushing through. After a year of being alone and depressed I decided to talk to my mother and she realized how hard my life had been. She forgave me and I do not even know to this day if I forgive her. Its rough having the one person you need the most forget you like you dropped off the face of the world. After a year my mother started to baby sit one night a week so I could learn to be social and have a friend. I found myself and a year later i found my husband, we dated for a month and then got married. We have been married three years and I just this year forgave my grandmother. As for my son's father I have not seen him since that night. And I see my mother once a month, were moving forward.
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What a sad but beautiful story.. i'm glad you found the one for you! i'm a teen mom as well but i got a lot of help from my mom since Elianne's birth ... you can find us on youtube (lookk for Avital Grin) if you wanna contact me and talk to someone <3