Update On Lucas !

Hey Everyone !!!
i havent been on, or updated you guys in like ages, cause ive had so much stuff going on ! and im not sure, whos new on here, and stuff, so for thoughs who dont know me, my names temika, meeka for short :3 , im 32 weeks pregnant, and 1 day ! and im having a little boy, who is going to be named Lucas-Jay <3

Everythings finally coming together !! Lucas' room is painted, we have everything, all we need to do now is the carpet, and put everything in its place. !!

Ive been having alot of trouble, and lucas isnt going that well atm, and have been in and out of hospital, i thought i was going into labour the other night, but it was a false alarm, and it had to be the worst pain of my life, haha..
I literally get back aches like all the time, and its so horrible :( and ive been getting bad braxton hicks!!
Lucas isnt growing the normal pace .. he is around 2-3 weeks smaller then he should be, he is only weighing in aroind 1.3 kilos.. and they are hoping he starts to put some more weight on, and hopefully i dont go into labour early, cause theres a good chance that his lungs will collapse :(
and i havent been able to eat properly lately, everything i eat, i throw up.. which isnt helping him grow.. :(
im just trying to stay strong and too hope for the best! my little man is a strong man, and i know hes gonna pull through !!

Mummy Loves You Always Lucas, xo <3

ps , if anyone needs to speak, or wants more info on whats going on you can inbox me, and ill reply <3
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Aww! Ill be prying!