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My name is Tarah. I'm 17. I gave birth to my daughter olive on December 10th. She was born at 27 weeks. She weighed in at 2lbs 9oz. As of right now she is 3lbs 4oz and doing good. She has some breathing issues. I was wondering how all of u manage or managed to keep up with school. I don't want to drop out, but sometime going back and forth to the hospital I get so exhausted. Any advice??
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my LO was a 26 weeker!! feel free to message me

Do you mind if I message you?

Not at all

Thanks :-)

Pray and pull from your inner-strength. You are a mom now and all moms have an inner-strength that they didn't know they had. But believe me you do. And remember that this too shall pass and it will get better. Good luck and God bless.

Thank you!