Never Thought I Would Be Here.......

I almost seventeen and I have a beautiful little girl named Charlotte, she is 2 years old today and is the love of my life. I never thought that my life would end up this way........this is my story.

I had always been a good girl, I have never had a sip of alcohal, never tried drugs and always was very modest. In ninth grade I had sex only once with my boyfriend, it was in the heat of a moment and I definitly didnt plan to have sex at the time. Then two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant and he basically told me that I was on my own and that I needed to fix it (implying that I have an abortion). After that I was so nervous to tell my parents. I told my parents that I was pregnant and they were shocked. They still supported me and suggested adoption.... and I decided adoption was the only way to go. Fast forwad to nine months later, on January 19 I delivered a beautiful little girl. The adoption parents I had picked were in the other room waiting to take her home. But as I looked into her beautiful green eyes I knew she was mine. The next day she went home to an unprepared house with a scared young mom and uneasy grandparents. Today she is two years old, with beautiful green eyes, curly brown hair, and olive skin with rosy cheeks. She now lives in a house filled with everything Charlotte, with a mom who loves her more than anything in this world and grandparents who spoil her with love, toys and kisses. I never thought I would be here as a single mom with a two year old. I never thought that the only thing my daughters father would be to her is a check in the mail. But as I sit her telling my story about my little Charlotte, the love of my life. I wouldnt change where I am now for any other place in the world. - Alicia
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Jan 19, 2013