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Im was a normal sixteen year old, i had a boyfriend and we had been dating for about two years when, i missed my period i dident think anything of it, until i never started. So while my boyfriend was getting his oil changed at walmart i went inside to bye a test and took it in the bathroom. When i took it i coverd it with toilet paper, i don't know why but i had taken many before becuse i missed my period alot. So i expected to see the one line, well when i lifted the paper, i can't even explain the way that i felt i felt like someone had droped like a 200 pound weight on me i couldent breathe i couldent see stright. all i reamber was getting really dizzy and laying on the floor in the stall. Well when i got myself together i went outside the bathroom there my boyfriend was. He was smiling until he sall the look on my face, i handed him the test. and walked away, he came running up to me saying weight i don't know what this means! well i just stared crying, we stood in the  middle of the auto parts section just crying together. Well after about 5 mins of that, we contained or selfs and got in seprate cars and went home. We dident talk for about well the rest of the day. I rember getting home and just ging into my room and just thinking, What how could this happen. Im only 16 years old! and then i felt horribly bad becuse i was acting so childish. And then i just felt so happy, i starting rubbing my tummy. And thinking of boy and girl names. I called my bf and we talked everything over, and we agreed that we would keep the baby, and raise it the bast we could. We both agreed that we would not get married. We were to young for that! adn that night i told my mom and sister. And they to my surprise we very happy! we decided not to tell my dad until i wen to the doctor, and found out for sure. So i scheduled a vist and sure enough i was very much pregnant. 3 1/2 months! i couldent belive it. We got to see the baby that day, it wasent much but we got to see her. Well everything went well from there on out, my boyfriend become someone totally diffrent. he got a full time job and starting byeing little boy outfits and stuff, streating me like i was a queen. Well and 20 weeks we wen to the doc for my second ultrasound and we  were looking at what she looked like, and i was amazed at how big it had gotton, it acually looked like a person not a jellybean. And they told me to look for a turtle or a hamburger, i sall it right away but my bf just dident get it. I turned and looked at him and said Baby we having a girl, and he just lite up i have never seen him so happy. They printed of pics and before we could even get of he was calling everybody. Well around 23 Weeks i went in and they seemed concerd becuse they baby was rather large. So sure enough i had gestional diebetes, so i had to low down on my suger intake. Well i really stared to pack on the pounds after that i gained 13 pounds! by the time i was 6 months! so now im 7 1/2 moths pregnant and we decided to name her Tobie Jean, and i can not wait to she her pretty little face.

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1 Response Sep 24, 2008

That is a very cute story. I am 18 and 5 months pregnant. My boyfriend is in the Marines and is sceduled to be sent off to bootcamp a month after baby Aiden or Soria is born. His boot camp lasts 6 months and then when he gets back he is only given a week of promised pre-deployment time before he has the possibilty to be deployed. So... basically i'll be on my own with the baby after the first month until he comes back. When he comes back from bootcamp we have plans to get engaged and married when he service is over.