My name is Aziah, I'm 21 and this is my weird but beautiful life.
ps; I know I'm not a teen mom but I want to share my story with you guys.
When I was just 12 years old, I had my first boyfriend, Ryan. He was my ideal boy, so perfect.
Dark hair, dark eyes, big lips, tall, on the football team, he was my dream guy, we started dating and things moved very fast, just two months into our relationship we has s*x, I was 12, he was 14. Wow. (Looking back on it now, i was so stupid) we wanted to be like everyone else in the school, no so much the 12 year olds but, the older kids, we wanted to be cool, I felt like because he was older I had to act older, eventhough I wasn't.
It wasn't long before s*x was a weekly thing, we would go to parties, I would sleep over and have to stay in his sisters room but sneak into his, we were as they say ''rebels''.
After being together for a whole year we started going through some trouble, his parent's split and he wanted to stay with his mom (in brooklyn) but his dad was taking him away to Utah, he wasn't happy, neither was I. He had to go with his dad, there was nothing either of us could do, exept one thing he thought would work. I remember sitting on the swings at the park, crying because I didn't want to say goodbye, I was only 13 but he was my first love and I didn't want to see him go and all of a sudden he said ''Azi, I know how I can stay..'' I was happy he had an idea, he then turned to me and sat on his knees and the first thing I thought the was going to say was ''Marry me'' but he didn't he actually said ''Aziah, theres one way we would be able to stay together, forever, let have a baby..?''
I was shocked, but believe that it would help him stay, so we was having s*x a lot of the time in the 2 months he had left here and well, i guess you can guess what we found out. I was pregnant but I didn't find out until he had already left.
When I told my parents, they were horrified that there 13 year old daughter was going to have a baby, with a 15 year old. My dad kept on telling me abortion or adoption and I didn't want to do either, I wanted to raise my baby with Ryan in NY. I told Ryan and he told his parents and his dad knew that Ryan had to be in NY to help raise the baby, but he told Ryan that the baby would ruin his life and he wasn't taking him back, Ryan's mom & I were still left Ryan-Less.
It was horrible not having Ryan around during my pregnancy, the thing we thought that would keep us together was actually keeping us apart, months passed and Ryan's dad was still refusing to allow him to come home he kept telling Ryan's mom that we only way he would come home is if the court forced him too, sadly Ryan didn't get to come home all the way through my pregnancy.
June 4, 2006 at the age of 13 I became a mommy to Bailey Ryan, he was 5lb 2oz and perfectly healthy, sadly Ryan didn't make the birth of his son, but via video chat he got to somehow be there. Ryan came to visit us on June 10th, his son was 6 days old and Ryan couldn't of been more in love, seeing Ryan with Bailey made my heart melt, after Ryan's visit there was nothing but arguements, because his dad made him go back to Utah and he wanted me to move to Utah with him, but I wanted to stay in NY where I've grew up and where I wanted my son to grow up.
July 2006, Ryan and I broke up. Leaving me a single mommy to a 1 month old little boy. Just two short weeks after breaking up with Ryan his mom got custody of him and he moved back to NY, I was happy because I thought YAY, Bailey has a dad now, but oh boy was I wrong.
Instead of going into all the sad and depressing details let me just say Ryan saw Bailey 5 times in his first year old his life, just two months after Bailey's first birthday I met Jackson and that's where all the real drama started, I was 15 years old and he was 17, my parents didn't like the fact he was older and that he already had kids yes you read correctly KIDS, with a big S. Jackson was the father to 2 year old Isla-Mae and 9 month old Jolie. It made me feel more happy to be with him because he was involved in his daughters lifes, well a lot more then what Bailey's dad was. Jackson and I became offical in November 2007, where in December 2007 I had found out I was pregnant, I was 15 years old. I had a 1 year old son and if you wanted to count the girls I also had 2 step kids. What was I going to do, I had my babyweight for Bailey still so I managed to hide my pregnancy for a whole 6 months! Just 2 months before I was due to give birth. It all came out on Bailey's 2nd birthday party, someone decided to be a ***** and change Bailey's slideshow around and the last picture was a picture of Bailey holding a sign that should of said ''Im 2'' but someone photoshopped it into saying ''Im gonna be a big brother'' so that's how #2 go announced, I wasn't actually planning on telling anyone until after I had the baby.
Due date for baby #2 came and went, 2 weeks after #2 due date I finally gave birth
August 15, 2008 - 6lb 9oz - Paison Abigail was born. So ''unexpected'' as everyone else would say, but to me perfect.
I was now a 16 year old mommy of two children, 2 year old Bailey and newborn Paison. My life was so perfect in my eyes, but in the real worlds eyes it wasn't I was a mom of two kids, I hadn't spent a day in school since I was 13, I was actually the definition of a bad teen mom, what I actually hated more the anything. I decided to get my act together, Jackson's mom didn't work, she offered to watch both Bailey and Paison while I went to school. I had a lot to catch up on, what mean't going to summer classes and doing night school, what I did, for a whole year, after a year old night school and weekend classes along with the whole summer in summer school, i caught up to my right year, I was about to be 17, I had a 3 year old and a almost 1 year old and I was about to start Grade 11. I was so pleased and proud of myself, until 3 days before I was about to start school, that horrible feeling inside of my belly, I sort of some how knew I was pregnant, I didn't pee on a stick for a while though, I didn't wanna be a mom of 3 at 17, although I knew I would be. I eventually did it, I pee'd on a stick and the brightest pink line showed up. I was due another August baby.. what a busy time of year that would be for me, but to only make it worse by first scan showed twins.
This made me even more ditermined to finish school, I stuck with school all the way to the end and just 3 weeks before I was due to have my c-section I walked accross that stage while my partner, parents and two kids where watching and graduated from school, with a average ab.
On August 1st, 2010, Hadley Emma-Marie and Arianna Georgia was born both weighing 4lb 6oz.
I was 17 years old, almost 18. A mom to Bailey Ryan who was 4 years old, Paison Abigail who was 2 years old and newborn twins. I was going to have my hands full. Jackson was 20 years old and was due to become Baileys legal father.


Now, August 16th 2014, I'm 21 years old. Jackson is 25 and yikes, we are still together!!
Bailey is 8 years old, freaking 8!
Paison is 6 years old, so bittersweet.
Hadley and Arianna are 4 years old, yes 4 years old!!!
And well, I can actually tell you my life didn't stop there, Jackson and I can proudly tell you that on July 31st, 2014 we welcomed our first son together into this world, Bailey was so happy to not be the only boy, his name is Keegan James and he was a wopping 8lb 14oz.
I am so happy with where my life is at right now, I was a mom at the age of 13, I graduated, I got a job, I got my own place, I got happy.

I am always here if anyone wants to talk.

Aziah, Jackson, Bailey, Paison, Hadley, Arianna and Keegan.
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Aug 16, 2014