I am now 17. I got pregnant at 15 and got my childs at 16. I got twins Naya and Ethan. they are 4 months old. I'm still with there dad but i'm french and he is american so we don't see each other a lot. next year i'm moving to L.A with him. I'm a little bit nervous. When i get preagnant my mom was so upset that i told her that the dad was american only when the twins were born. She meet him and she loves him so that verry cool ! haha my dad didn't talk to me since i got pregnant. I will finish high school this year but i do it at home so i can work to pay my appartment... My kids need the best. My friends were and are still here for me. It's really hard for me to work and educate 2 babies but you know what it is. I really want to be next year to move out with Mason and so i could see his child more.He works and he send me money for kids.And when he can comes he comes but plane is verry expensives. In spite of the distance that separe us we are still in love and we really want to be a family for our child. They mean everything to me. It's true that i miss my old teenager life but i will never regrets what i did. they are the best thing that happens to me. I don't think i'm ready to have an other baby right now but we could think about it in a few years when we'll be stable have an house and two great job.
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Good luck !! I'm also teen mommy !

I wish you the best dear. Hugs