Im 22 and ny daughter is turning 5 in a week. I had her when I was 17 and I can not stand when children get pregnant thinking its a game or a life sized doll. Rearing children is incredibly difficult and statistics show that most teen mothers end up impoverished with no higher education. I was lucky enough to have a supportive family on both sides, graduated college and am currently in grad school. Ladies remember to try your hardest not to fall into a sterotype, don't fail because.everyone expects you too and most.importantly try to break the cycle with.your children when they come of age. To the young girls who think they love their.boyfriends and want to have a baby remember a man or.boy is never a guaranteed stay just because you have his child, the average cost to raise a child till 18 is roughly $26,000 and it takes a huge effect on your life emotionally, physically, socially and financially. Your time to become mothers will come but enjoy and embrace your youth before you become responsible for another life.
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I truly accept this! I'm a teenage mom myself and I know how tough it is and some people just find it very easy but when they have children then they'll now. We teen moms have to work so hard, attend school and do par time jobs .we don't have time at all. So don't think that let's get pregnant ,we just have to take care of the baby.its costly an a lot more responsibility.

Are u regret to have a child in that age