Okay, so hey I'm Sarah. I turned 16 last month. Me and my boyfriend are expecting twins by October 13th, but I could have them any day. It'd be so awesome if another teen mom would talk to me. Like I seriously need friends in my situation. My mom works full time as does my boyfriend, so I'm lonely and I could talk to someone all day. But yeah, message me that'd be cool.
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You can talk to me! I'm very bored as well and also 16 and pregnant with twins!!:)

Hello Sarah, congrats on your twins! My name is Anne and I got pregnant with my first when I was 15 years old, so I'm here if you want to talk.
My kik is Anmi93 feel free to add me :)

Hey im a teen mom of a little girl :) im also 16 :) message me if you want :)

I am 21 and a mom of 5.
I welcomed my children into mylife at young ages and I'm also a mom of twins,
at 13 I had my son Bailey, at 16 I had my daughter Paison and then my twin girls at almost 18 years old and I have a newborn son Keegan!

I'm not a teen mom. But you can still talk to me if you would like:)