I Got 2 For 1

So it all started with my amazing boyfriend that I have been with sinse 7th grade when one night we took our relationship to the next level I didn't even realize what happend until I took the test .so a couple of weeks after that night I found out I was preganate ,at first I cried but Amelio made me feel better I was scared to tell my parents but they took it better than I thought .the next day I went to get an ultrasound and I found out I was having TWINS!l Long Story short on November 18th 2009 I gave birth to twins a girl Marley 7lb 4oz and a boy Bently 7lb 7oz they were perfect Amelio and I love them so much and I am so happy I have them I would not change what happend at all If I could do It over I would do it the same. So at 16 I got 2 for 1
Ameliosgirl Ameliosgirl
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 28, 2009

I didn't know you had twins!! That's awesome! Isn't it amazing watching 2 babies grow up together! :)

Haha thanx I really do feel lucky when I first got. Pregnant I didn't even want to be in the position I was in but I love my babies with all my heart