16 And A Baby On The Way

Okay I'm scared like really scared

i am pregnant, i'm 16 and i lost my verginity a little over a year ago it was forced by my best friend i got pregnant but at 5 months i lost the baby i had a miscarage because of getting jumped, i hadnt known i was prgnant till that last month because i was in a daze after the rape the baby didnt have a chance because b4 i knew i was pregnant i was drinking and smokeing alot, anything to foreget. i dont think ill ever forgive myself for that. But now im pregnenat im going to the doc soon to 100% conferm the test. The father Ryan is amazing i told him and he was shocked for like 3 sec and then he was soooo happy, he knows about what happened and hes reashureing me that everything will be fine i really love him.

and after everything i finally understand how to love him i know the good things about him and i know the bad but i love it all. im so scared that this baby wont be okay. I'm on the depo shot but i needed another one but we thought it would still work a little longer but he was suppost to pull out just in case but he didn't so i knew it was a posibility so ive been takeing care of myself and its a good thing  because im having a baby

im scared of telling the family's his family really likes me and i want to keep it that way but... well for obvious reasons it might not stay that way. we want to keep the baby hes already looking up baby names

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Please tell your parents, you need support. Hugs.

When i got pregnant @ 16 i thought telling my parents was the worst part but you have to know that your family will always love you no matter what so stay strong and keep your eye on the prize ....... Your baby ....... : )

Dont be scared.<br />
Yes it is hard, trust me, the way i found out wasn't good.<br />
People judge us because of our age, but who gives a crap.<br />
If you are happy then be happy.<br />
I guartnee it will be the happiest memory of your life when you have your baby.<br />
<br />
-Im 15, 3 weeks till i have my baby girl.<br />
<br />
Any questions or need someone to talk to, Im here.