16, 2 Kids And Trying To Survive

MY name is Stephanie and I have two children. I am 16 and I have Hailey,3, and Jacob,2 monthes. It is very hard. When my mom found out, she kicked me out of her house. I had to go live with my boyfriend at the time. Now we are married and are barely getting by. He just joined the army this last summer and everything has gotten a little better financial wise. Every morning I get up at four. Get my daughter in the bath and get dressed for school. Getting Jacob up is even harder. Because he always cries when he gets woken up. He loves too sleep. He sleeps all the time. And when hes awake he is a very good baby. Doesn't really cry alot and that took me by shock because Hailey is the exact opposite. She was always awake and always crying about something. I have now gotten down a routeen. I get everything ready. And then put Jacb in his carseat right as we aare walking out the door. It is better for me because the car ride always calms him down. I go to the daycare at my school, drop them off and then I head to class. I never really have time to myself anymore or time to hang out with my friends. When I found out I was pregnant with Hailey, I was Captain of my cheerleading team and suddenly resigned and still go to the same school. People look at me and don't understand how hard it is. If I knew what my life would become when I had sex, I probably would of waited ten years.

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

oh my, you had a baby at 13? goodness, i'm 16 too and my life is so entirely different from yours. I couldn't imagine having 2 lives dependent on me. I'm glad your trying your best though, keep at it

Life is hard being 16 with 2 kids ... I have twins 4 months a boy and a girl , I was the cheer captian too when I got pregnant and I did take time off but luckly they let me back .... Good luck with your kids !!!