Survey Answers

Name: Em


Age: 15




how you were contacted: bulletin


  1. how old were you when you first became pregnant

               I was 15 when I first became pregnant. It was aparently

                "two kids having fun" but it turned out to be "two kids making babies".




  1. was it a difficult decision to decide to keep your child? If so, explain

          Not at all. I hav always wanted kids. Maybe not this young. Abortion was NEVER an option.




  1. Was adoption or abortion ever a possible option for you? What made you decide to keep your child?

        Abortion was definately not an option. its murder. No Way. Adoption was an open option but only for my boyfriend because i wanted to keep them.

       I kept them because they were my babies, my responsibilities and mostly I love them. I dont regret it at all.




  1. What is your stance on teen abortion?

           I am 100% aagainst teen abortion. 100%. If you are mature enough for sex then you are mature enough for the result. 




  1. What about teen adoption?

           Yeah. It is better than abortion but still. Like if you come from a poor home, abusive home or unstable home then sure adoption is the go.




  1. Did you have a healthy pregnancy? If not, why?

              Yes I did.       I am only little, like skinny and stuff. It was stressful fter both I and the babies stressed but yer healthy.




  1. Was it difficult to raise your child at your age?  If so, why?

                Nope. I had alot of support, I hav baby sisters I know what i am doing.

  1. Did you receive a lot of criticism as a parent?

              No not much. I live in a country town with a small population. Everyone supported me.

  1. Did you receive a lot of support form your friends or family? Explain.

              Yes Heaps............ But I prefer to do it on my own with my boyfriend because its our baby, our responsibility and I love being with both my bubs and boyfriend.

  1. Did you find it hard to maintain school or work after having a child? Explain

              No. My parents and his parents and older siblings helped out, we take them to school sometimes.

  1. Does your child have any birth defects or health problems?

                  Nope.................Premmies buh no health probs.

  1. What resources did you use to help you overcome any difficulty in raising your child?

              It wasnt difficult. I hav baby sisters and my boyfriend helps.

  1. Were you single or did you have a partner when you had the baby?

           I had my boyfriend, their father.

  1. What advice would you give to teen parents?

                Do what you hav to do and what you kno is right. Look after your bub urself. Its ur bub and should grow up with you.

  1. Did you learn anything from having a baby?

              I learnt to grow up, and love more.

Emzily Emzily
13-15, F
Feb 27, 2010