Im A Teen Mum

I live in Australia, on a farm just out of a small country town with a popultion of 250. We travel 4 hours to do shopping or for a hospital and for pony club.

I go to town for school and sports. I am in town often. There isn't really a real sports in our country town. I have 4 sisters, a brother and a mum and dad. I am the oldest. I am 15 years old. I am the only girl in my class, the only girl in secondary. There are 37 kids in the school from kindy to year 12. My best friend is a boy. I really like him and he likes me. But we don't go out because of school and our studies. He is a year older than me but our classes are combined. One arvo we went to sports, which gos for two-three hours, about 10 minutes into it we went for a walk. Thats when we spoke about hving sex. We spoke about it alot but never did. We went to the condemed building. It only lasted seven minutes. But that ws all it took. We went back to sports. It brought us closer. I knew he belonged to me and he knew I was his. A week later I didn't get my period. I thought I will give it another two months and if I don't get it I will do a test. I didn't get my period so I done a test. It said I was pregnant.

I tried to bring myself to tell him, but I just couldn't. I decided to ring him. I rang him nd told him. I expected him to ditch, but he didn't. He stuck by me. By this time I was nearly 4 months pregnant. We went to the doctors to get a check up. I didn't want to find out the gender. I wanted it to be a surprise. At that check up we got some shocking news. We told them we didn't want to find out the sex of the baby. They said thats fine. They then told us it was twins. I didn't know what to feel. After taking it in I was excited. Just then the doctor left the room. We were alone. He asked me out. Obviously I said yes. I asked if it was just because we re having a baby together and he said no we were going to go out when we had finished school anyway.

We went home. We decided to ask our parents for a barbecue. We had one at my farm around the pool. I was beginning to show a fair bit now. I couldn't wear a bikini, I wore a baggy shirt. We decided to tell them at dinner. We had no idea what their reactions would be.  We told them. ZThey all went silent. They asked if this is what we want. We replied yes. They told us options nd everything but we said we have it all worked out. Shockingly the night went on as normal nd everyone was happy.

We went to school and told everyone. They were all ok with it. We were like a big family at school, with the school being so small. Everyone helped out. That afternoon we went to sports and played. After sports he asked me to go to the cafe for dinner. I went with him.

We made it a habit. Going to the cafe for dinner after sports, which finishes at 8pm. We finished dinner at 9.30-10pm.

My parents were out of town for the week. I was staying with my boyfriend. My boyfriend lives on a farm a fair way out of town. The next week  we went for a walk during sports. My water broke. It was a little early I reckon. He phoned my 23 year old male teacher, who was running the sports. He came to me and took me to the small local hospital that hs no doctors. The doctors got called in and flew in. I was lying in the hospital bed for a while and calmed down a bit. I called my boyfriends mum who called my parents. I was told I was getting flown out to a bigger hospital. My boyfriend came with me. His parents started driving up.

I gave birth that night to twin daughters. Identical. They are so cute. After giving birth we were flown straight back home the 1 hour flight and sent to the local hospital with the nurses. When we arrived at the hospital at 6.30pm the whole school was in there waiting to meet my new babies. Now 5 months later my boyfriend and I are living together with our daughters in a two storey quakers barn that was turned into our temporary home until our house is built. The quakers barn is on my parents farm that was used for guests and our home is being built on my parents farm in a different paddock.

I am soooo happy with my family and can't wit to have more kids. My boyfriend and I continue school and take the girls sometimes. The girls are part of the family at school now and evryone helps out with them and tolerates them when our parents can't watch them. Sometimes the school office looks after them. During school hours. We continue sports also. We regret none of it.

We are happy with our life. My sisters, 10months, 2, 4 and 12 are always helping with them and my brother, 11, is so good with them and so trustworthy. My boyfriends older siblings help look after them. They are 19 and 20. We have a great family.


Emzily Emzily
13-15, F
Feb 27, 2010