Am I Crazy???

alright we found out that that i wasnt pregnant and i was soooo disapointed but i acted happy in from of Ryan and he got really sad and

for a little bit he started makeing jk's about trying and finally he flat out asked if i wanted to try for a baby

well i ended up getting a urinary track infection and had to be on antibiotics

antibiotics will cancel out birthcolrol even the shot one that im on

sooo while im on it we've dessided to try

we have a really nice place that we could live the rent would be like 200$ a month because its a family members house who has like half of it empty

we have conections for jobs... we both can graduate high school before the baby even thow we are 16

emotionally ive been ready to be a mom for a year when i got pregnant from rape but had a miscarege and he is the wierdest teenage boy ever and wantes a  baby

idk if im crazy or not but i think this could work.

Ryan is the most amazing person ive ever met...i had to grow up a long time ago because of sercumstances so i learned the difference bettween

being a high school girl who loves a new guy every week from a girl whos not a kid but not a woman but is ready to be one despite what people say

i know im ready to be a mother

i know hes ready to be a father

i dont see y we need to wait... i want to be the mother to his children

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

It will not be easy, bless you.

Na your not crazy..having a baby is so joyful and it's just amazing but when girls do want to have a baby that's all they see are the happy things about teenage pregnancy ..but in reality it is so hard so demanding it's a 24/7 job and it's so not easy it physicaly and emotionly drains you ,and life as you once knew it is gone,but if your ready with a good stable,loving home I wish you and your boyfriend the best on starting your family : )

I felt the same way when I was 16, not for the same reason though. All 3 of my best friends are moms and I sometimes felt left out cuz they would all bring them to the mall and the pool. They would all joke and ask me when I was gonna have 1. But then I thought to myself, god will give me a baby when he wants me to have one. Now I'm 19 and 5 months pregnant, and glad that I waited! I mean i'm still young but atleast I finished school. Cuz i'm in college now and it's a struggle just to get up in the morning and make it through my classes. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE PREGNANT AND STILL IN SKOOL!!! On top of that it's expensive preparing for a baby, formula and diapers are more expensive than ever, bedding for the crib is expensive, and it seems like you have to get an expensive mattress for the baby because the cheaper less firm ones are connected to SIDS. And don't think you can just live off welfare cuz it's harder than ever to get excepted. I just think you two should wait it out, finish high school and go to college, and then start a family. Your pregnancy will be accepted a lot more too if you wait. Cuz I'm 19 and told my family and lost a lot of support from ppl becuz I'm prego.

What's the rush? Having a family brings demands that we can't even imagine until we finally experience them. Having a family will take time away from each other because the child requires a great deal of our attention. Take your time. Finish High School, set goals for then worry about getting married and starting a family. It seems like you are putting the horse in front of the cart. Take the time to enjoy each other now because once you have children it will be many years before you have that kind of time again no matter how much you work time in for yourselves around jobs/children...etc. I love children, no question about it, but there are sacrifices that will have to be made. You could be making things more difficult by rushing into this than by waiting. The choice is yours. This is only meant as advice. <br />
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Best Wishes! Mel