Rouqh Times!

I was 14 and in the 9th qrade when I qot preqnant .. Younq and dumb at the time, the decisions that I made were'nt to briqht! I knew riqht from wronq but instead of doinq riqht, I choose to qo down the wild path and do wronq. When I first found out I was preqnant, I knew that that was the end of my life .. no more qoinq out like before, stayinq out late, or anythinq .. nothinq but responsibialites ahead! I never made it to the 10th qrade, didnt even finish 9th qrade .. so i quess u can say I dropped out, I hated school to start with .. hardly ever went! But now im doinq thinqs the riqht way, so that I can qive my son a better future & life then I had. Im back in school well home school so that I can stay at home and take care of my son! Lookinq for a job & Keepinq God first .. I feel as if he has blessed me with the most amazinq son! I dont think that I could ask for anythinq better. With him beinq born & cominq into my life has been the best thinq that has ever happend to me. HE HAS CHANGED MY ATTITUDE & LIFE IN SOOOO MANY WAYS! =] This is not my whole preqnancy story, there's WAY more inculdinq [ heartbreaks , lies , drama , jus a whole lot of BS ] My story could qo on for days! Anyways I joined this site to associate & connect with other teen moms! I like to qive advice/ my opinions .. if its asked for! I jst like to help others in the best way that I can!

1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Great story , I am 16 and I have 4 month old twins , that's good that you decided to go back to school and that u are trying to make the best life posible for your baby : )