I Was A Teen Mother And The Experience Can Make You More Determined If You Let It

Well, I was not a young teen but I was 19 and to me, that was too young. I love my child and would never take back the experience but teens need to know how hard it is and statistics are not on your side. Stats say that teen mothers are more likely to basically not make much of them selves and live in poverty. Well, that does not have to be true. I had lots of family support and because I wanted to be able to support my child living a comfortable life style I graduated from college and got my Masters Degree. It was hard but I wanted to be an example to my child. He was born in July and I was back in school full time in August. I took care of him during the day until my mother came home at 3PM then I was in school from 4-10PM and studied during the day. The government does not want you to be on welfare so they will pay for all your schooling. I received free daycare and have no student loans. The system does want you to succeed  despite what you might think. The thing is to not have anymore children until you are able to independently afford them and even better, when you can provide the child with two parents. Prove all those people wrong that pity you because you are a teen mother and one more thing, if you are with a loser, get rid of him ASAP- if he wants to be in his child's life, he will stop being a loser and do something- aim high
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Okay so you most envee me a TON! because first of all you have an account on here pretending to be me, and writting stories saying that "you hate fakers" and then you add me to that saying that i faked my pregnancy and everythinng! you are very low. i went throught 9 months of ups and downs! 9 months of doctors appoitments! 9 months of having my cervix checked. imthe one who went to the hospital and pushed an 8lb 7oz baby out of my vagina! im the one who sat at the hospital and cried hwn my son had meconium asperation when he came out and didnt breath & had to be air lifted to another hospital with a NICU! im the one who got deprressed because i didnt hole me baby for 3 days and didnt get to bring him home for 2 weeks! im the one who gets up all hours of the night to feed a crying baby! im the one who is raising this child! not YOU honey! Can anyone/everyone report her ---> "kayytiee" <--- spelt just like that! you can add me on facebook and confirm this with me if youd like!<br />
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Congratulations and although I don't know you personally, I'm proud of you! We have very similar backgrounds....though I DO have student loans (hefty ones, might I add)!!! I started an organization to inform other teen moms that it is possible to do exactly what we did....I often find that many of them either do not know the right information, enough information, or do not have a support system giving them the extra push. It's my hope that my organization can bridge that gap and that many more teen moms will realize their full potential....in spite of! Keep telling your story girl....you deserve to be proud!!!<br />
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