Being A Teen Mommy Isnt That Hard For Me...

Well, I was 15 when I found out I was pregnant. I was three months along before I knew. I had met my soon to be husband in december and concieved in january.
The day I found out, It caught me off guard. I wasnt expecting to be pregnant. We had talked about kids, and we had decided to wait untill after I graduated before having kids. Being pregnant wasnt what scared me, the scary part was not knowing how my bf would react. I knew he loved kids, and had wanted one for a couple years. but the thought of telling him I was pregnant scared me. It took him about two hours to get to my house, because of his idiotic friend. who is no longer a friend. I called him crying, and told him that I needed to talk to him now. He kept asking me what was wrong and I told him that he would rather find out in person so I would tell him as soon as he got here.He was concerned and scared. He thought something was wrong with me, because I had a dr appt that day. When he finally got to my house he looked so worried I almost cried. Its amazing how much he cares about me.
His friend was gonna drive us to his house, I figured he would be more comfortable there. But his friend, who was always jealous of our relationship, and was the controling type got mad because I wouldnt tell him what was wrong. I told him that It was none of his business and that my bf would be the first to know. and he would tell him after. Well he got all mad so in 35 degree weather he pulled over and kicked us out of the car. we were half way to his house so we figured we would just walk the rest of the way. The about a mile away from his house his brother txts him telling him that he doesnt want me on his property and he's locking the door. He said dont bring that **** over here, she causes too much drama. ( he lived with his brother at the time) whatever, we turn around and start walking back to my house. Then he gets a txt from his brothers gf saying that if she comes over and im at his house she is going to put me out. and a bunch of bullshit. All because I wouldnt tell them why I was so upset. nosy people I swear lol
Then we are back at my house, and after taking 10 minutes to find my voice I told him " your gonna be a daddy"
Holding my breath waiting for his answer was the longest second of my life.
He smiled, hugged me and said " your pregnant?!"
Then he cried, I cried and then we laughed. We cried because we were so happy. I was extremly happy that he was happy. and he was so happy cause he finally was gonna be a daddy.
Then he called his friend and told him that the reason I wouldnt tell him first was because I was pregnant. His friend said sorry, obviously didnt mean it. But that was a line crossed that you cant step back over.
He told his brother, who didnt care. Who was still being an *******. Then his brother's gf found out and started telling us that were f*cking retarted and that we are going to loose our baby to dhs and that she is going to fight me and make me miscarry. Well that was the last time we talked to them.
His brother kicked him out, and the next day he moved in with me.
He got a really good job, paying over two grand a month. We moved into a bigger and nicer place.
Our love grew for eachother, and we have every intention on spending the rest of our lives together. Yea we have had our troubles but nothing we couldnt handle. We love eachother so much.
for the following months leading up to our sons birth we got his stuff prepared and watched the belly grow. we went had three ultrasounds, and one 3D.
We debated on names, and he rubbed my feet countless times. He walked to the store for me at two am, on one occasion when he absolutly insisted upon going. Normally I wouldnt let him walk to the store for me at night, or even during the day. If I wanted something we both would go.
And the night of october 8th I was having really light contractions, I could have slept through them. But something inside me was telling me I was in labor. my mom didnt believe me and I had to argue with he to get her to take me to the hospital. and, as I often quote back to her, she said " well it would be different if you were in labor"
So anyway I called my hubby at work and told him I didnt know for sure but i have been feeling kinda funny and I wanna go to the hospital. I asked him if he wanted to go with me or just wait untill I find out for sure and then if I am send someone to come get him. he said he wanted to wait, but just because I asked didnt mean he actually had a choice. he was going with me. So we went and got him from work. went to the hospital,the contractions were 2 mins apart. I begged them to release me so I could go to my hospital. they did because a very nice nurse lied to the dr for me :) so we went to my hospital which was 50 minutes away. I couldnt even notice the contractions. we were there and i was 90 percent through my labor and still smiling. the contractions wernt strong enough to push the baby down so they started pictocin. about 4 hours later, the contractions were stronger. and i was tired and didnt feel like feeling then so I got nubain. the best drug in the world I swear lol and I slept some more. sneaking food every now and again. hey a girl gets hungry when she is in labor for 20 hours lol
My mom was being retarted the whole time, she was convinced that I didnt want her there. its amazing how annoying someone can be when they are acting like this is the most boring and uneventful day they have ever lived. I finally told her, seriously can you at leat act like you want to be here? but she still kept that attitiude untill I was pushing. the she quit being annoying.
when I hit transition the contractions were so bad I cried for an epidural, I told my hubby to go tell the nurse I wanted and epidural, my mom said no. so I yelled at him nevermind. when the nurse came in I was crying really bad and could barely talk it hurt so bad. she said whats wrong, and I squeaked it hurts. she asked me if I wanted an epidural and I said yes, my mom said no, she said your getting an epidural, ill go get the guy.
then he comes in to do it, and tells my hubby to get in front of me and hold me up, cause I had to sit up while he did it. and asked my mom to wait in the hall. she said no she's staying. so they start arguing. she asks me if I want her to leave, and I yell, or at least tried to yell, I dont care just do it! at that point I was on the verge of passing out and frankly I didnt care who did what as long as the dude did what he was suspossed to do. the compramized and my mom put on a mask. he didnt want her there cause he thought she would faint. she didnt but she ended up turning away. having a needle stuck in your back is nothing when your having horriable contractions. I was shaking beyond belief, but I knew that if I moved and he slipped I would be seriously screwed up. so I stayed amazingly still.he did it, and I layed down. the contractions faded. and at 8:17 pm october 9th our son aiden tyler was born. His daddy did great, he did what the dr's told him and watched the whole birth. The first little thing I ever grabbed was our sons tiny little warm butt lol I didnt know what else to grab! He was born with brown eyes then they changed to blue and have been changing ever since.
I will say that being a teen mom is a lot easier for me since the support I have. Me and my hubby fully support ourselvs. we have a great life. I would never change a thing. We love our so so much as well as eachother. We get along great and we never fight. yes we have a couple stupid arguments that consist of a few sentences every now and again but that is as far as it goes. we love the hell out of eachother and plan on having more kids. we are getting married soon and we cant wait!
Life, love and happiness are the greatest gifts anyone could as for and I have all three.
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