Platonic Love

I met my boyfriend Alex when I was 17 and he was 19 through my bff we instantly clicked.There was just one problem he lived in Chicago nd I lived in another state,we still exchanged numbers and decided to have a long distance relationship. After a year of not seeing eachother, I went back to Chicago to visit him and we both lost our virginity.About a month later when I was already back home I knew there was something wrong with me because I kept feeling sick.On top of that he and I had broken our one year relationship due to a stupid fight,he then texted me saying that he was interested in another girl I became very depressed but kept contact with him, however I started going out to random parties with a friend and would get drunk, I also began cutting myself because I just felt so overwhelmed and sad. I would've stopped the bad behavior if I wouldve taken a pregnancy test, but that never occured to me since I started loosing weight instead of gaining it. Two months later I went for a check up and I got the comfirmation that I was around 3 months pregnant but I still didn't have a belly. I then texted Alex, since we had agreed to stay friends that I was pregnant with his baby but didn't want anything from him in return. I then settled down and stopped drinking and cutting myself for the sake of my unborn baby's health. I went to Chicago for my bff's baby shower and met up with Alex who was my bff's husband's cousin. I was really nervous,we then talked and he concluded that he still wanted to be my friend eventhough i was knocked up and wanted to be in our baby's life he packed his stuff and came back home with me. We lived seperately up until I was left home alone and went into labor, he was the first person I called, and he drove me to the hospital. He was even in the operating room when I gave birth to my daughter via c-section. He stayed with me through that ordeal and even declared his love for me. Now we are together again and are happy parents to Amylee Josephine. He works in the mornings goes to school once a week, while I work in the afternoons so we can both take turns taking care of Amy eventhough we are temporarely staying at my parents house. He's even convinced me to start school again the fall. I love my man and daughter <3
ImaMommy92 ImaMommy92
18-21, F
Dec 28, 2010