I'm Confused

I am a mom to a wonderful baby boy. His birthday is April 23rd and he is 1 :) his name is Maddox. He is My life. i got pregnant My junior year in high school And i got madre fun of everyday of it. Some people got me And some people sat atound And calles me a *****. But they didnt know it had only been The first time i had sex. My Sons father....sucks. He doesn't support me at all. Right now he doesn't even get to see his son. He took me to court to get full custody but thatdidnt work out. He has been sending me threatning text messages and letters about how he was going to come and take the baby. I can't do it anymore I'm going crazy. I need advice and this and so much more. Please help! Oh and I can't put pictures on this thing cause I'm on my phone lol....just saying.
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sorry you are not the first or the last it will happen too<br />
when were in school we had several frinds that ened up in a family way of the 10 couples only one was from her boy friend and that was not till have her father almost beat her to death amd she lost the child she was carring at the time<br />
<br />
my wife even at 13 was different he other kids they brought cat and dogs home my wife seemed to find kids in trouble and we were always there for themthew all finshed high school and went on the higher schooling they only had that one child in high school and because we were a group noone had to worry about child care we had parents willing to help out they all had full time jobs all finshed high school about 3.90<br />
as our boss paid an extra 50.00 per month for each A<br />
<br />
my wife wanted to start a home for couples to be able to come too and learn she had every thing in place she had a docotr and nurse willing to help we had teachers willing to help she wanted her master in social work and i was going for my masters in nurseing<br />
but she was killed age 19<br />
<br />
and yes the age is right we married at age 13 but we never could have children and we knew it

turn tex message over to the police find a different place to live if you can away from him learn yo use a gun

sorry your having to go through this. if he's sending threats about your baby I would report it to the police with threats like that. my sons father isn't in our lives, he hasn't been since I told him I was pregnant. but if he dared tried a stunt like that and was sending me threatening texts that he was going to kidnap my son I would report him to the police. you sound like a great mom and need to protect your baby from danger. hope this helped, I'm here if you need someone to talk to or need advice:) stay strong!

Thank you so much! Yeah I don't always hear from his dad. But when I do it's outta the blue. If he thinks he can take my little man from me he's crazy. Lol he is the one missing out!

agreed! he's so the one missing out!! stay strong girl!:)

you'll be a great mother> and young enough to enjoy him growing up

I'm so sorry, that your going through this, and I'm sorry that no one responded to your plea for help. I guess I don't have much advice other than to continue what your doing, loving your baby, and trying to be the best mom you can be, and if your baby's dad keeps bothering you, you should get a restraining order against him. Look for adults that can support you and help you get through this. Sounds like to me you're a great mom. Hugs

Thank you so much:) At least someone replied to me! i really apreciate your advice!