I Am Mommy, Even On Facebook.

I am Xander's Mommy.

I got pregnant at 17, in April of 2010. My due date was December 28th, 2010, a date I remember well since I was reciting it so often.

Xander is a great kid, born on December 22, 2010. I had high blood pressure and needed to be induced.

My son is almost a year old. And he's the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

No, what bothers me the most about teen moms is the Facebook statuses.

"tired of seeing pregnant girls in highschool. Nasty. Close your legs."

"Why is getting pregnant so young such a hot trend now? It only makes you look stupid."

"hey, teen moms? umad?"

"Teen moms are *****. End of story."

"Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives, because somebodies obviously rapin' the girls in this town. Nice baby bumps, *****."

I can handle the stares. I could handle walking down the hallways with my baby bump, hearing the whispers. I had my friends with me and that was all that mattered.

But I can easily forget what's heard.

With Facebook, sure I can delete the status off of my news feed, but then I can see what people comment on it thanks to the new layout. If it just said "You commented on Their status" it would be one thing, but instead it says the first part of what was commented.

I don't like deleting everybody, because a lot of them are kids I graduated with.

Oh, yeah. I GRADUATED.

With honors.

Even being out for 4 months.

I finished all of my work on time with nobodies help.

I can handle this though. Because I Am Mommy.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2011

good job

That is abusive to you, and you don't have to endure it. It's a form of bullying and racism, as well as sexism...REPORT them, even if you don't block them. It is confidential, and Facebook usually takes these issues VERY seriously.........I am so sorry, I was a teen mom at 17 as well. It's your business, no one elses, they should grow up and stop trying to put you down.......