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Hello my name is Ayden-James and i just turned 18 and would like to share with you my story. So it was my grade 8 year and this guy that i had a super major crush on asked me out at a party, i was so excited!! We started dating and four months intobour relationship we fell hardcore in love and as the years went on we knew we would always be eachothers forever. In our grade 11 year we had sex for the first time and i got pregnant ( it truly was the first!!) but he still stayed. He loved me so much and everyone good see the love we had for eachother all my friends would say we have got to be the cutest couple they know and that we would be that small percent of high school couples to go on together but when i got pregnant they all thought we were ruining our lives and that its going to tear us apart. We didnt believe so we believed it would make us stronger as a couple having to go through that at such a young age. Anyways as the months went on we got super exited and couldnt wait for the arrivle of our precious gift but unfortunatly two months before my due date my boyfriend got in an accident and passed away. It was the hardest thing i ever had to go through i got so depressed and didnt even want my baby i decided on adoption. I just couldnt bare the thought of looking at my child and seeing my boyfriend. When my due date arrived i went into labour at 12:30am and gave birth to a baby boy at at 4:12am 7pounds 6 1/2 ounces. When the nurse asked if id like to see him i said yes and the moment i looked into those beautiful green eyes (my boyfriends eyes) i fell in love all over again. There was no way i could give my baby up and lose the only part of my boyfriend i had. It would be like losing him twice and once to me was enough. So a few days ago was exactly a year that my boyfriend died and my son kaedyn and i (whos almost one) live in memory of his father and my boyfriend. We are as happy as we can be during the circumstances but of course he is young and doesnt understand but when the time comes and he asked what happened to his father i will tell him all the greath things and how much his father loved me and his unborn son. Somedays are harder to get buy knowing he isnt there to help or just put a smile on my face but i will always cherish and remember the moments he was there and that we shared and smiled about together. Its sad knowing kaedyn will never meet his father and that his father never got to meet him but i know that my boyfriend is up there watching over us. Rest in piece baby i love you and will never forget you <3
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This is made up for attention. How lucky that this sad story was the experience of the day

Good luck hun. It can be hard but you sound like you are striving. I was a teen mom as well and I know it is a hard road but you still get the best blessings.

My story was different, as the father was not around after my son was 6 weeks old by choice. Though I can say we have a strong relationship and he is one of the two main men in my life. I am in my 30s now and he is about to turn 15. On the hard days just remember the sweet moments and know it will get better in the future.

That is beautiful stay strong!! Both of you

It was really the best story i ever read, you make so sad while i am so happy for you to stay strong keep on baby

OMG, this made me tear up, let me tell you, your boyfriend ,he is in a better place now

And, I bet your son will grow up to be an Amazing young man if you stay with him and support him no matter what

But, I know it's hard, I lost my father when I was 9, but, not the point, the point is, stay strong sweetie, stay strong, be yourself and follow your heart

A very good story. You are a wonderful person to have gone thru this trying time. I hope you and your son have a wonderful life.


Ayden-James I was very impress with your decision making in that particulars situation. You are source of inspiration of others.You had shown a new direction in society towards direction less people.Practically this situation is rare in your case.I have no words to explain happiness the way you have express your views ......... May Your dreams come true to your family and I personally request to God Please Help the needy people

Oh dear condolences... i agree with isaacsmommy, you're an amazingly strong mom and women as well.. I'm so sorry for Kaedyn, but remember that he will always be there for you and for your baby....... you did the right thing to keep Kaedyn, because he is the fruit of your love and there's nothing better than having a child with the love of your life :))) I wish you all the best in the world.

Oh my gosh hun this is an amazing story of love and faith and you are such a strong woman for being able to make it through this with out him and deciding to keep the baby <3 you really are an amazing young lady you know that :) keep going:) good luck and bless your<br />
Heart sweetheart <3

Awe thank you so much &lt;3

Ur an amazingly strong women & I look up to u for how strong u are & for pushing through. Ur son is lucky to have u & im sorry about your boyfriend I know he is looking down on u & is so proud!

Awe thank you so much! And yes i know he is looking down on us too :)

You have touched my soul. I wish the best of everything for you and your precious son.

My heart goes out to you and I hope you get stronger and heal from your loose. I can't imagine going through that much and being as strong as you sound. =]

I'm so sorry you went through such a tremendous loss, and I'm glad you decided to keep your child. He will bring you great joy.

When i read this story i felt touched as my sister went through the same thing. I'm glad that you kept your baby and stayed strong. It's people like you that i look up to!<br />
Thank you for sharing this inspiring piece...Good Luck!

Awe im so sorry your sister had to go through that! It was tough and i wouldnt wish it on anybody

Thanks for your sympathy. I sent her a link of this and she cried alot! Even though you r a stranger u held a piece in my heart :) I hope u have a blissful life now with ur little angel! &lt;3

You have already shown that you can survive well done you! Hold on to those wonderful memories of your lovely man and when you are ready live your life for your son and yourself.. You will be an inspiration to your son and other young people too. Use your determination to show how it can be done. I "ruined" my life when had our daughter 38 years ago and our son the following year. No one would employ me. Everyone judged me on their own ability and perceptions and we really struggled. I started up my own tiny business from home, we got married and are still together very happily, I am now aged 53 my husband is 55, We have a lovely home, The children are married with their own homes, we have 6 grandchildren. I am the sole Director of my 3 successful businesses. My husband retired from his job at 50 and now works part time so we can take nice holidays. You have already shown you can handle tough times and a broken heart and thats what it takes to do well as life and work is never easy for anyone. Remember all those judgemtal people out there are not YOU! Many people for reasons of their own "give up" when times get hard. dont worry about your age, like me you have just started earlier. Its all about what you do not how you do it. Go Girl xxxxx

You are very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story.

That is the best and most tuching story.You are a very strong young woman. We need more wmen with your strenth and will power .

You are a strong and brave woman. Always be proud of yourself. Your tenacity will see you through. I wish you and your son all the very best.

i admire your strength. no matter how much i would want to say i would be just as strong or whatever i know that i couldn't ever do what you did.

Tell Kaedyn not only that his father loved you so much, but also that he would have loved Kaedyn with all his hearth just like you do, that if he ever feels sad about not knowing his dad he needs to remember to make him proud. I lost my father also at a young age so learning the kind of things he liked helped me also understand why I like similar things and to grow into who I am. As he grows up tell him and let others tell him about his father and encourage him to be even better in all his father was good at.

You are such a brave person. I have so much admiration for you - you had a kid at a young age and didn't renounce it. I am sure he will grow up to be a beautiful person. I am so sorry for your boyfriend, but life has proven to me there is life after death, so he basically just changed places. It's so reassuring to hear someone so optimistic. Wish you lots of love and meaningful experiences.

Thank for sharing your story, it was beautiful. Your BF will always be looking down and watching, also he will always be by your side taking good care of you both.

Thankyou for sharing your beautiful story and i hope it gives others in similar circumstances the hope to do what you have done and raise your child, knowing that you can love him best of all. I gave birth to a son 26 years ago and against all pressure at the time decided to keep him, though his biological imput father denied him completely. I went on to get married and have four more children and though J has not always been the easiest child to bring up and faced some challenges through adolescence, i am so glad that he stayed in my life because i knew that any issues in his life were not caused by me abandoning him. Not that i am against adoption but i know that it would not have worked for me and obviously not you either

I think very highly of you for knowing what you want and not backing down. My view is to do whatever you think is best. I don't believe in judging you or anyone who is doing what their integrity tells them to do. I wish you and your son well.

These days i wonder if true love really exists in this world.<br />
Its people like ypu who keep the love in its purest form still alive.<br />
ALL the very best for yours and your babyboys future :)

So much is written nothing much to say but would like you to pass that special upbringing to your son with which you brought what you have done in my opinion is neither normal and most of the people around do not have guts to do the same.

You are doing a wonderful job honey i fell pregnant at 16 and had a baby girl. im not with the father as he wasnt very nice but, i am now 28 with an 11 year old girl who is smart beautiful and very special. i have supported myself pretty much the whole way and i have a diploma, a good paying job i own a house and i have a husband and a 2year old girl, the path you have chosen isnt easy but i find the best things in life are worth the effort makes them that much better im sure ur boy is looking down on u both and smiling. much love honey.

The title if this update e-mail caught my eye,.<br />
"His Fathers Eyes".<br />
I always want to know what this lyric in "Somebody to Love" meant...<br />
"Your eyes have seen your eyes may look like his".<br />
Now I know.<br />
You have no idea how much this story has touched me.<br />
I am an older woman and have never had a child.<br />
You have spiritually done the correct thing.<br />
I believe you and your son will have a beautiful and happy life.<br />
It is absolutely true love does live on in others.<br />
Bless you sweetie

wow, that is such an incredibly sweet story... your boyfriend sounds like a great guy, and you sound like an incredible person for all the love and courage you've mustered. your son is so lucky to have you!

You know what makes a tree strong? The storms it has to go thru. That's what your life's story seems like...a oak. You're a nice person. I wish you well.

I have reported that comment by Sla<x>yerwulf to the administration as it is not on the topic. <br />
It is none of his business to be making judgments about you and posting them like this. It is revolting. <br />
<br />
May God bless you and your baby . . .and Bravo! for your courage.<br />
<br />
Jonathan M. Zion (Master of Arts in Teaching (Rtd.))

Thank you! :)

Hello and God Bless You and your baby boy Always!I am so proud of you!You are a very strong women!Don't worry about finances.You are a very smart and God is going to help you and your baby Kyden.I am trully sorry for your loss!One day you all going to meet in Heaven and nobody is going able to separate you from eachother.And now you have a huge reason to live and be happy for your baby boy!We love you and pray for you happiness!

Anyone that criticises you should get a life. You had a tough decision and I'm sure that your son will thank you in years to come for not putting him up for adoption. Beautiful story and you will all be together as a family one day xxx

All these days I was thinking that American girls don’t love like Indian girls. They live a materialistic life. They are not ready to sacrifice for their love.<br />
<br />
Reading your experience my opinion is changed. You are a like our loving Indian girl. <br />
<br />
Wish you a best luck for rest of your life. Thanks for sharing the experience.

what a beautifull but sad story . hope you have a better life with your son and hope he grows up to be as good a man as his father .

Very sorry about your loss. Im sure God brought you two together so that that baby could be born. He is the best of you and his father. Take Care and God Bless.

Glad u shared. Makes me realize love is real. Though it is rare it does happen and we have to believe in it. All the best.

My wife and i knew each other in High school and did exactly the same as you.<br />
By age 22 we had three beautiful children all of which sang at our Wedding a few years later.<br />
Now having been married nearly thirty years we are as cheeky and in love with each other as ever.We are each others soulmates.<br />
I am sorry for your lose because it sounds as though you lost your soulmate.<br />
Dont worry about sad and negative people they will always be there to give negative and hurtful comments,and have probably never known the depth of love you knew.<br />
I sincerely hope in the future you meet someone who can give you a small part of what you lost both yours and your sons

What a beautiful story dear. Thank you for sharing it and just ignore comments like the one above. There are unfortunately lots of hateful people in the world who get enjoyment out of hurting others. You unfortunately subject yourself to this when you open up your heart on the internet. You raise your Son, love him proud and teach him about his wonderful Father. Best of Luck and God's Blessings on you.

Your story is absolutely beautiful. I am SO thankful you shared it. Thank you. You should be so proud of yourself and of your little boy. I hope you take a moment everyday to look into the mirror and remind yourself what an amazingly beautiful soul you are. You are so very blessed. Thank you for putting a warmness in my heart today. <br />
Blessings sweet one.

I am sorry to hear this, believe you'll be a good mother for the young child. Good luck! However, it is a long way to go.<br />
<br />
Found the above comments are good encouragements but no one to educate this unfortunate happening. I am a father of 3 children. Taking of this opportunity, I would like to say you are too young to have a child. You must have financial support, and it is not an easy task to bring up a child. The young generation can learn this lesson from your mistake. I am not blame but educate the young generation must think twice before your sex relationship. You can have sex but do need good birth control to avoid this same happening. It is not a good thing but sorry to hear this.<br />
<br />
Please consider this is a kind of education. Hope you can understand my advice.<br />
and don't mind my straight out. Thank you to you all.

your story brought tears to my eyes! I admire how strong you were and still are, I am sure your baby's father is watching over you both and that's why I know you will make it through anything that comes along...

Thank you for sharing this - I teach school, and I see so many young men that abandon their children. I am so sorry that Kaedyn's father will never have the chance to know him - especially when so many young men have the chance but choose not to take it.<br />
<br />
You have a rough road ahead, but it sounds like you have the right attitude to get through.. I hope you and your son survive, thrive and prosper, good luck!

You know it's people like you sharing your story that will <br />
make a differance to someone else's life. You are a strong person for the decision that you made regarding your son , and you will always see your boyfriend in your son which will make him the most special gift of all, sometimes things really do happen for a reason in respect you becoming pregnant.<br />
Good for you for making the right decision and good luck you have the right outlook now and I am positive you will be ok .<br />
Thanks so much for sharing.

Sad story, but I think you and your son will be okay. Glad you kept your baby, and what a wonderful guy your boyfriend sounded like.

Awe thank you so far we are doing ok and im so happy i kept him as well :) and my bf sure was a wonderful guy!

Sad story, but I think you and your son will be okay. Glad you kept your baby, and what a wonderful guy your boyfriend sounded like.

Congrats. It's not often that people take such a heavy responsibility, but you seem to be ok with it. <br />
<br />
Hope there's more people like you in the world.

Awe thank you thats so sweet of you:)

Thanks for sharing this story. You've been through a lot and I wish you strength as you raise your little boy.

Thank you :)