New Mommy!

Hi girls! My name is lexi and i am 38 weeks and two days pregnant! I am expecting a little girl who i am naming Aria Leanne Boeman and i am so excited! ( Also pretty nervous!) My boyfriend Michael and i are living in our own home that his parents bought for us and we couldnt be more thankful! He is currently battling cancer so when the baby arrives i will be doing most of the work and caring for the both of them so its all a little overwhelming but im still pretty blessed to have them in my life! This is my first baby so i really have no idea what to expect or really even what to do! I dont have a mom she walked out when i was 2 so i dont really have anyone to talk to about labour and all that stuff so mommie if you could give some advice or a heads up on what to expext that would be amazing :)
Ariasmommy Ariasmommy
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1 Response Jul 1, 2012

i know being a teen mom might be hard bt its ver exsiting i have two almost three kids:).