Lilia's 3 Month Of Life!

Lilia is finally 3 month old! I can't believe she's already 3 month :)

She is getting very big and now she smiles all the time! When we call her she recognizes our voices and she turns to us ( me or Ean).....

She also loves when I feed her and she smiles when she hears every kind of music!!!

She wears 3-6 months clothes and she loves playing with our puppy Lexi!! She gets up every 2 or 3 hours at night and that's sucks but fortunately Ean helps me a lot :)

I don't breastfeed her anymore so she drinks milk in bottles.... I use Enfamil Infant Formula and it's works really good!

I really love my baby girl and I hope to raise her in the best way, because even I am a teen mom i think that age doesn't define the person that you are..... so teen mommies never give up because we are strong and we can do it even sometimes it is really hard!
And remember to ALWAYS put your babies first!!!

Have a good day
Alissa and Lilia!

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My son Kail is around her age. On the 25th of november he will be 4 months old:)

((: I like the name Kail!

Thank you :)

hey, im temika im 22 weeks pregnant, and am 16! im going to be having a little boy (:
your daughter is so cutee !:')

Hey! Nice to meet you.......thank you!! And congrats on your pregnancy (((:

I'm Alissa by the way and I'm 17!

thankyou! (:

Your welcome ((:

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Happy 3 month old to Lilia! She is so cute Alissa :) She looks just like you deam! lol

Thank you Megan! I cant wait to see Braiden :)

Oh me too!! lol