I am 14, 15 in april. My boyfriend who is 16, and I started dating September 9 of this year. We had sex and we were using the pull out method. I was suppose to get my period Saturday and it didn't come. I told him and he said calm down and we will take a test so Monday at lunch we have off campus lunch we were gonna go buy a test but he forgot his wallet at home and Tuesday he was giving blood at our schools blood drive. I told one of my bestfriends and her mom bought me a test and I am taking it tomorrow. I am so nervous and not sure what to feel I'm scared mostly! Only about 10% of me would be happy if I was pregnant. He said he's not going any where so no need to worries but my parents are really religious and if I tell them I am pregnant.. Well you all are invited to my funeral. I'm not getting an abortion cause neither of us have the money and I would need a parents consent.. My boyfriend said we are not giving our baby up for adoption cause he doesn't want his little boy or little girl calling someone else daddy other than him. And I feel the same way. I know I should regret it but everything happens for a reason and hey! I'll get to meet my great great grandchildren unlike the other women who are having kids at like 30. (:
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how are you?...wanna chat on yahoo sometime? daytimepm69 is mine

Um no. I'm 15, pregnant and have a boyfriend.

i am not pregnant i had a miscarriage. thank you all for the support really made me feel better when i wasn't doing so well to look on here and see the support. and yes i know i should have used a condom but guess you could say it was"spur of the moment" we never used the pull out method again

Hi my name is Emery and I had my son when I was 14. As crazy an impossible as this sounds I'm pregnant with my 4th and I'm 16. I know its a scary thing, if you have any questions, need advise, or someone to talk to, feel free to message me

thank you

Hi, my name is Brooklyn, i'm 15 and 21 weeks pregnant with a little girl. My first daughter, EsmΓ©, is an angel in heaven, and i'm now pregnant with my second daughter. I know how you are feeling, don't let anyone dishearten you. Don't listen to peoples negative opinions, it seriously isn't worth it. Good luck to you and your boyfriend! Congratulations and I hope everything goes well with your pregnancy. If you need any advice or just want a chat, feel free to message me! :)

thank you

Wow 21 weeks pregnant seems like yesterday yet my baby girl is due in 3 weeks! It's crazy! How are you holding up?:-)

You know what they call people who used the pull out method of birth control? Parents!! Pregnant or not, please, start using something safer. Condoms are a good start.

You are right, the best way to prevent pregnancy or STDs is abstinence. As for the use of condoms, I said it because even if she is pregnant, she is still susceptible to STDs. If she isn't pregnant, she can still get pregnant. If you think telling her that abstinence is the only way, you obviously think her parents haven't already told her that. If parents who love her and have control, have not been able to stop her, what makes you think a stranger on the net will have that kind of influence? So, looking over the responses, I see that you didn't bother, except to tell me how stupid you think I am. Is this your way of feeling intelligent, or moral?

I was a teen parent. I had very supportive parents who told me that the only sure way to prevent pregnancy was abstinence. I got pregnant the VERY FIRST time I had sex. First time having sex was New Years Eve, baby was born on Sept 30. He actually pulled out, on time. I told the doctor that it was impossible for me to be pregnant, because he never ********** in me. The doctor was the one who told me that saying about people who use the pull out method becoming parents; same story with people who use the rhythm method. As for being heavy handed, all I said was *please start using a safer method of birth control, and that condoms are a good start* The fact is, even if she is pregnant, a year from now she won't be, but she will still be a teen and could still get pregnant again. I know that my saying this isn't going to do a damn thing to stop her from doing things exactly as she pleases. I have two daughters who were also teen moms and one who would have been if she hadn't miscarried. All my talk about taking all the precautions didn't stop them; it won't stop her either. Now, at the ripe old age of 69 years, I have 5 GREAT grandchildren. Two of THEM were born to teen mommies.

Exactly, but neither will all the back slapping and congratulations. I'd like to see her try to at least try to prevent STDs, by using a condom. You have an argument against that?

If you read my comment as criticism, you really do not know me. Which in fact is true. You are judging me only by these three sentences, and you obviously added a tone of voice of your choosing to it while reading. Asking someone to take care of herself, and keep herself healthy, is in no way a criticism. I ask the same of my kids and grandkids; not to criticize, but because I really care about their quality of life. This girl is young. She is going to have a baby, (perhaps). Wouldn't it be nice if she stays alive and healthy to look after that baby?

Don't worry about it, you clearly aren't willing to listen to me.

Nor are you a mother who has a lot of experience with raising girls. It's hard to *listen* to someone who sees asking someone to take care of herself as criticism. Also, you don't listen either, but I see that as the arrogance of youth, and hope that you will one day grow out of it.

i really did not need your negative reply. i recently had a miscarriage and to look on here and see this.. well not the support i was looking for. i do not have an STD or anything. we do use condoms just the one time we didn't you don't have to assume things, okay?

Okay, It wasn't meant to be a negative reply. It was really meant to say I hope you will remain healthy and take care of yourself. I'm sorry you had a miscarriage. That is a painful experience; especially if you were happy about the baby. I wasn't assuming anything. I read what you said, and I hoped that you would be use a more reliable birth control after this. I'm really sorry if you felt attacked. Babies are a blessing, never a bad thing. Please be well.

@serenitree I'm doing better it made my boyfriend and I closer together. And my parents said I'm too young for birth control I've already tried..

I'm glad you are doing better, and that you and your boyfriend are becoming closer. My grandson just turned 17, and he has a 1 year old daughter. This is a picture of the two of them. http://www.experienceproject.com/member_album.php?m=1463875234&vp=1512748#photo He and his girlfriend are raising her together. They have a happy baby, and she is a blessing, but I still tell them that I hope they are taking better precautions. They are very young, still in school, but they both have to work part time to raise their child. It's hard for them. Not that they don't love their daughter, but it is very difficult to go to school, work and be there for their child. Just be well. Be happy. And when the time comes to make another baby, I hope that it will be planned and that you both will be ready to be parents.

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you sound like a really strong person i deffanitly wouldnt be handling as well as you but great job and i hope everything works out for you