My Little Man :3

hey ,
i delted my acc, but have now made another one, with all the same stuff..
so ill introuduce myself once again, incase there are new people and yeaah :3
im temika, im 16, and i am pregnant, to my amazing boyfriend ricky :3

so im just writing to talk about, my 3D/4D ultra sound experience!:3
ahhhh! so excited ! ; yesterday, i was able to see my little man, and it was like he was literally here :$ like i swear, they make it look so realistic !
hes got the most perfect little features, and i am so excited to meet him ! :$
it was so funny watching all his little facial expressions, and him sticking his tongue out, and lifting his legs to his face sucking his toes :L god, hes the best thing that could have happened to our lives.. and i know im young, but i do not have any regret, what so ever !

Lucas Jay, mummy loves you:$
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1 Response Nov 4, 2012

That's so cute:) I'm Emery, but everyone calls me Emmy or Em. I'm also 16 and I'm pregnant with my 4th child, crazy I know, but if you need any help or have any questions just let me know:)

nice too meet you, and yeah, i have had one misscarriage, and this baby im so protective of.. because im so scared to lose him..
and your fourth ! ? wow thats crazy, do you have your familys support?:)

I had a miscarriage 7 months into my 2nd pregnancy and my daughter was stillborn so I understand your loss and protectiveness. And for the most part yes. My mom and stepdad and grandparents and such yes, only a little on my dads side though. And almost none at all on my fiances side

its so hard..:(