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I used to be a member of experience project a while ago, i left when my daughter was 7/8 months she is now 15 months. I'll re introduce myself as if i was new.

Hey, I'm Darci-Mai, I have a 15 month old daughter called Avery. She was born 10|08|11, via c-section at 8 months pregnant, due to her heart rate going up and down.
Avery has been through a really bump ride at only 15 months, the doctors told me it would be best to terminate as she could be born dead and when she came out looking lifeless my mother cried, i couldn't see how she looked with my own eyes, but my dad pictured the whole thing. I got told Avery had moebius syndrome, and after doing my own re search and looking at what other children who had this syndrome looked like, i knew something was wrong as Avery didn't have any of those symptoms, after worrying about her having it, we got a new doctor who told us to calm down because she most definatly does not have the syndrome. A big sigh of relief came when we knew she didn't have this syndrome.
Then at 9 months Avery wasn't as adjusted as my brothers and sisters were at 9 months, at 9 months my siblings were at least saying 'moma or dada' but Avery wasn't saying nothing, she hated interacting with other people, she would cry, but she loves hugs.
We were really concerned at the doctors thought it was a little odd too, so Avery is going to be undergoing tests for autism and will be having speech therapy when she is 18 months old.

Avery's father like ditched us when he knew i was pregnant, at that time i questioned my ability to raise a baby, then when she was born early and i first held i knew being a mommy was what i was meant to be, i knew a lot about adoption and how it can harm a person when they realize they wasn't wanted by their biological parents, so i didn't want Avery to think that or anything like that, so with the help of my amazing mother and father we have both done a good job of raising Avery. My mother and father watch Avery why i go to school, then Avery is all mine and my fiancé's Mikes. Mike acts like Avery's father, whats amazing that they can get a bond like that.

I hope to get to know some of the real momma's, i also know the whole fake thing that has been going on, so message me. I have some ways of talking out of EP.

As soon as i have computer internet access and not phone i will add real momma's to my facebook, facebook on my phone doesn't work.

Thanks for reading, Darc
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Jan 7, 2013